Business Plan for a Political Party

I have written the Restoration Party Manifesto first draft with conveying the most important values of the Restoration Party as I see it. The need for a simplified version of the party platform and group decision about what is must be included or excluded is apparent. No party starts without supporters in agreement. My intention has simply been to get this party started, as they say. With that in mind, an acquaintance of mine, Carl Milsted Jr., from whom I have learned much, has just published his manual on how to start a political party. This is highly recommended reading. Please give it a close look if you are interested in making America truly great. Here’s the link. It’s not surprisingly titled, “Business Plan for a New Political Party.”


What is more appropriate for Father’s Day than SUPER PAPA, the second in my Super Series!?! In this video I lay out the heart of my foundational cosmostrophy. There is a cause of all causes and its purpose is to maximize awesomeness. The acronym that describes it is SUPER PAPA. The comments below would be a great place to discuss why maximized awesomeness is inevitable. Subscribe to comment. Share with a friend!


For Mother’s Day, I’m beginning a Super Series of videos. Using some super acronyms that will describe certain new concepts I’ll introduce. I’ll start here with a discussion of where artificial intelligence is heading. Imagine what quantum computing could do if it combined robotics with the ability to upgrade its own software and parts using its self designed ever improving AI …

The Quintillion Project

With the world’s population growing at a compound rate of 1.11% a year, the population is doubling every 62.8 years, which means a three digit increase in the population ever 628 years. We don’t have long to solve what doesn’t quite feel like a problem yet but we’d better get started. We can do it the nice way. Or we can suffer the consequences of ignoring the problem. Carvin’s solution is to dedicate research to learn to create inhabitable planets out of nothing throughout the Universe rather than explore distant galaxies and have wars and other dystopian circumstances on earth. A secondary piece of advise offered is to utilize the Human Availability and Needs Database System (HANDS) in order to solve the health care crisis, save the environment, reduce crime, end poverty, maximize awesomeness and turn around ailing nations like Venezuela. It is a better form of management.

A Leprechaun’s RSVP to Donald Trump’s Inauguration Invitation

A Leprechaun receives his invitation to the inauguration of Donald Trump two months after the event has already taken place and he feels Leprechauns are being stereotyped. It isn’t as easy to travel backwards in time as you might think.

James Carvin

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Analysis of Potential Party Name

Comment below to add your thoughts concerning this prospective political party name.


Also see New Beginnings. Its not a bad name for a party when everything else has gone horribly wrong and the masses are disenchanted with both dominant political parties. The promise of renewal is strong but without the weight of referring to an ugly past.


Very vague. Perhaps too radical. Requires very rapid mobilization for a new entity.

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