State of the Union Address

You may remember that I was a candidate for president of the United States of America in the 2016 campaign season. I received an estimated 200 write-in votes mainly in the state of Florida, though there was no official count. I didn’t attempt to raise funds. I had a simple goal, which I achieved. The votes were incidental either way. What mattered was that I wanted to declare the need for a new political party with a specific set of values. These I enumerated as I published the Restoration Party Manifesto, which you can find on this web site. The 2020 election season is now beginning and so I have an announcement to make, which I will get to as I reflect on our present state of the union.

You will recall that I observed that our country was no longer a Constitutional Republic but a Plutocratic Corporatocracy. The scandals that have been exposed during the Trump presidency have proven that this corporatocracy has been administered through an Administrative State. My Manifesto sought out solutions for disassembling the powers of the Administrative State, which I referred to as an oligarchy, and restore our government to we the people. I placed on my campaign cards the words #NeverHillary and #NeverTrump. I did not believe that either the Democratic or Republican Party had the will to dismantle the systemic corruption that was standing in the way of government for the people, of the people and by the people.

That said, it’s been an interesting period in our nation’s history. We have experienced a presidency marked by an overthrow attempt by the Administrative State. That attempt has failed and is now reversing itself so that the accusers have been exposed as perpetrating the very crimes they were hoping to unseat the president with.

The result is a greater public awareness of some of the systemic problems I declared needed to be seen as the core principles for the Restoration Party platform, the central point being government abuse and the restoration of government to the people, from whence the party got its name.

Let’s review. As I saw it, there is a left and a right political spectrum and there is also a Y axis that measures government control. Libertarians see themselves on the freedom side of this Y axis, rejecting government interference in our lives. The Restoration Party is not the Libertarian Party. Restoration Party members can believe in the need for more or less government interference in their lives.

Put simply, there is an X axis with left and right we are all familiar with and there is a Y axis, as well, that is independent of left and right but measures the scale of government control. The Restoration Party that I recommended welcomed those on any part of both the X and Y axis spectrums as it introduced a third axis – the Z axis. The Z axis is the return of the government to the people. The Z Axis turns the chart three dimensional. At the bottom of the Z axis is the Corporate Plutacratic Administrative State, currently still deep in the negative range. The Z axis is currently way below zero because we presently have no Restoration Party awareness. At the top of the Z axis is our restoration to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

I see it as vital to understand that the values Americans on the X and Y spectra hold, wherever they may personally identify, will be irrelevant if we do not focus on the Z axis. For this reason, the time for a new political party that addressed this fundamental and ongoing need had come.

Specific proposals were introduced in the Restoration Party Manifesto to that end. Please understand that any proposals I offered were just the ideas of one man. Achieving the full restoration of our government to the people was the end game. This was to be a team effort. I was just the founder. To my mind, the most necessary solution centered around reducing our government debt, wresting control from the Federal Reserve System and the globalist bankers. Doing the math, I did not see a way of growing ourselves out of our debt. To do that we would have to sustain a 5% growth rate for at least ten years. At the present 3.2% growth rate we will only be able to hold our debt at the current level if we reduce our annual expenditures across the board by 10% during the same period. Those are wildly optimistic numbers in both cases.

Seeing this, I proposed a debt pay off scheme with a one time net worth tax that included a system of flexible lien transfers designed to keep cash fluid. I also supported the elimination of the bulk of the 80,000 pages of IRS tax code through the neutral tax, which would transfer revenue generation strategies to the states and empower the people to choose their own preferred tax codes by local voting or moving to other states. And I made many other proposals such as range voting and freezing cost of living adjustments on government employees until private sector wages caught up with the average public sector wages and benefits.

Whether you agree with any of my specific proposals, as to health care, the environment, military strategy, immigration, debt reduction, reproductive freedom – I made a distinction between my own proposals and the core values I felt the party needed, namely the Z axis.

On the economic front, I warned that if we did not do anything to solve our debt crisis, that we would soon enter an economic crisis of apocalyptic proportions. No longer having a government will easily occur in such an environment as ChiComs or others dice up what remains of our land and people. This counts as an obstacle to government by the people. The end of the Republic as we have known it is likely in that scenario. So I treated the elimination of our nation’s debt as a core issue.

And in fact, if we consider our real debt, which includes obligations that are not self sustaining like Medicare and Social Security, our real debt is as high as $220 Trillion. The Federal Reserve debt is only a fraction of the problem. Our nation is in a crisis that not enough of us are aware of. In fact, many people do not know the difference between a million, billion or trillion. We are now approaching the quarter QUADRILLION mark. Please explain to anyone unfamiliar with the term quadrillion how much larger that is than a thousand dollars.

All that said, I offered up a Plan B. This was a solution, not the only possible one, that was a formula for jump starting a new economy and restoring any Republic in the event that such a tragedy did strike, such as in Venezuela. But what many are unaware of is that the same tragedy also seemed likely for the United Stated when I wrote about it in 2016, and still does seem inevitable. The solution I proposed was the emergency imposition of incentivized asynalagonomy using the HAND System. You can learn about the HAND System and discover what incentivized asynalagonomy is by following the links on this web site. For now, I want to address our more immediate issues. I want to address them as one person observing the world around me rather than as any official stance for the Restoration Party.

The focus the past few years has largely centered on immigration policy and border security. My personal view on all this is that we should simplify our intake process so we can speed up decision making while filtering out any pretending to be refugees who can’t prove they are truly such. We should quickly return them without separating their families if they don’t pass a quick screening that should seldom take more than one or two days and genetic testing can now take place right on the border with quick results. A recent sample showed that a full 1/3 of children being brought across the border did not actually belong to the parents on the claim. Let refugee claimants come back with proof if they want to enter legally.

We should also have a standard for immigration that encourages talent and self sufficiency and youth rather than randomness and family relationships so that our Social Security, Medicare and Health Care system is not strained by an influx of dole seekers and in some cases criminals, drug traffickers, or worse. If their lives are not in danger at home and they are likely to cost our country instead of contribute to it, let them be turned around at the border to go home where they came from in a place of refuge in some other coutry until we are capable of caring for our own. We have seen tragic problems with the separation of families at the border and the influx of crime and drugs during lengthy intake processes due to a broken system that needs to be fixed. I am happy to see that improvements are now being made in that regard but the partisan politicking is slowing down progress. A wall would be no waste of money unless unaccompanied by all else our border agents have requested and obstructing the building of it merely exemplifies quite poignantly how the two party system is flawed. Your elected politicians place politics above the actual needs of Americans.

Another issue that has come up and I anticipate will dominate the coming election cycle is reproductive rights. Women (and the Democratic Party that wants their vote) are increasingly concerned that the Trump judicial appointments will mean more states will follow the legal standard set by Alabama. Republicans, on the other hand, are concerned that more states will be following the lead of New York in allowing full term abortions for any reason. I mentioned my personal view on abortion while I was running for President in 2016 and I will reiterate it here, though I made it clear that the Restoration Party was not taking a stance either for or against abortion restrictions. Rather each member was welcome to hold opposing views.

Many women believe, rightly or wrongly, that a fetus is part of their own body. They do not believe it is wrong to have an abortion. They do not believe it is killing another human being. And whether it is or not, they believe that the government should not be making that decision for them because it is very personal. Furthermore, making it illegal will simply invite a black market abortion industry and self abortion attempts that can be injurious and fatal.

On the other side of this heated issue, there are those who are woke to the fact that body attachment does not mean one person. Consider conjoined twins. They are two rather than one. Whose body is it? If one is seen as a parasite, not particularly strong, and the healthier one wants to surgically separate in a way that will certainly kill the parasitic twin, does the weaker not have an opinion about being killed for the sake of the stronger? Of course they have an opinion. Their life matters. But we don’t show the same consideration to the fetus. And the child within the womb is normally no threat to the mother’s physical health as is often the case with a parasitic conjoined twin. This is to say, the opinion of the fetus should matter. There are two lives and two whose lives matter in a pregnancy – not just one.

Being killed by one’s mother is very personal to the one being killed. It is not just the mother’s private parts we are dealing with. It is the fetus’s habitat and life. But the fetus is an underclass. And the voice of this particular underclass is never heard. It is argued that their life is not even a life. At some point life begins and each has their opinion. When does life begin and what is the value of life at any given stage?

I have put a great deal of thought into this question through the years and I have repeatedly concluded that the identification of human value is not to be found in whether one can suffer pain. Secondly, life does not begin, as it is sometimes asserted, when one can survive without support. Rather, the value of life is in its future potential.

Please follow me. If viability defined human value we would all be worthless because there is not one of us that is truly independent of all others for survival. If pain and suffering at death was what made killing someone wrong then it ought to be perfectly legal to kill people under anesthesia and entirely without consent, since they have no brain capacity at that time, just like many suppose a fetus lacks. But it is not necessary to argue against that point.

Others argue that life begins at conception because DNA is the defining principle of human life according to science. I have always pointed out that if that were the case, then twins would not be individuals any more than two houses with the same blue print are the same house. No. They have the same design but they exist in separate places. Therefore it is something else. I am not my DNA. I am more.

Then there is the question of pain. Until recently, many of us thought fetuses did not suffer from abortion procedures and still to this day when many view them struggling to get away from abortion instruments on UltraSounds they explain it as an unconscious reflex rather than as the body language of wanting life.

To my mind, it is also unnecessary to argue that point. The parallels of houses and of conjoined twins I’ve made above are fair and impartial. But so far no one has considered that no matter when life actually begins, what actually constitutes the human value that makes killing others wrong is the robbery of unused potential.

This statement sounds abstract so let me spell it out with some different words. The bottom line is that when one takes the life of one’s child, the earlier they do it the more of the child’s life they rob them of. What makes murder wrong is not just the suffering involved. The suffering of death happens to most of us eventually anyway. It is the taking of life – the most precious possession that a person has.

Let me express it this way. Murder is a form of robbery. We are born with a bank of time to make life wonderful with. Taking the life of another person steals from their bank of life they would have lived. It robs them of a lifetime of choices. If we were to ask the question of whose rights matter most when forced to choose between the life of one or another, the answer is logically the younger of the two unless there are other mitigating factors such as life expectancy due to health. But in general, it could be argued for this reason that the opinion of the fetus actually ought to be greater than that of its mother.

I do not have an answer to the question when life begins. The possibility of twinning demonstrates that DNA does not define personhood. Heartbeat laws provide an arbitrary point for supposing a soul exists based on similarity and a common religious supposition that blood and life are connected. This may be so but the mystery of humanity is still a mystery.

My own position is that many people in the Universe of Earth are zombies without any real perception. They exist only for the sake of those who do actually possess consciousness. I reconcile the problem of evil with the notion of divine perfection by seeing this world as soulless and consciousnessless for all not born of Light from other Universes – Universes which do not possess any shade of evil and which have different space-time continua. In this way none of the evils and injustices we suppose exist have actually ever happened. Perfection is therefore not the author of them. Evil does not actually exist. I see the purpose of the Light of perceivers traveling through such a thing as the Universe of Earth as a method of Perfection by which otherwise untested points of goodness such as the virtue of forgiveness and patience can be manifest. If you are interested in my logic with respect to this you should read my book, Pamalogy. But in sum, my opinion of when life begins is the point in which Light generates a perceiver. It is independent of space-time in the Universe of Earth. Pamalogy is the logic of Perfection. I believe that Perfection is real because I believe in all possibility as existing independently of the phenomena of any Universe. And Perfection is the best of all possibility. The posession of will by possibility itself also is a possibility and it is an attribute of the possibility of Perfection. As such Perfection not only exists as a possibility but can have a will as possibility itself. It therefore is free to expedite Itself, which by the wonderful possibilities intrinsic to its own Beauty, it surely will and already has performed. You really should read Pamalogy.

But I’m not finished on the subject of abortion. It follows that conjoined twins are not one person but two. Therefore, I observe not by opinion but by fact that the fetus is a wholly individual person whose rights with respect to the invasion of the womb are being utterly ignored and dismissed in the name of women’s health and freedom of choice. And in my view, when the voice of one is dismissed, this is precisely where government actually ought to step in for the benefit of all parties, recognizing equality under the law.

That said, pro-choice advocates have no nice words for me, especially as a man, and declare that my own voice also has no value and should not be considered. My logic be damned. What they don’t realize is that the attempt to shut me up about it compells me all the more to speak up on behalf of all those with no voice. The shouts of STFU are hammered into my head as I hear the silent screams of the 250,000 children killed in the womb daily, the 100 Million hidden infanticides that are taking place every year, the 5 Billion people on this planet in this Universe whose lives were stolen from them over the past fifty years, so they could not enjoy the Beauty of being perceivers in it. 5 Billion people whose lives have been stolen by mothers who made that choice when no governments stood up to defend them – when they were defenseless. Who was there to provide a voice for them when they had no voice? I was. And then you just told not just me, but 5 Billion with me to STFU.

Surely I’m not the only one whose sense of indignation only rages and grows in the face of their up yours signs. Even so, what is the point of shouting back? No arguing will change anyone’s mind. And their own points are entirely valid. I don’t have to suffer through a pregnancy. I don’t have to sacrifice a career. I’m not being pressured with threats by a selfish boyfriend, husband or family. Am I offering to pay for it? I don’t have the money. I can hardly support my own wife and children, much less theirs.

So I turn away from the scene and feel nothing but the pain. And I cry out and share it all with God I see as Perfection, who I believe shares the whole burden even more accutely than I do myself. And somewhere in the midst, as is often the case with me, not just problems but also solutions arise.

Did I say solutions? I am a driver who has been doing a lot of thinking. I think in solutions. Read my front page. Read my Manifesto. With any problem I mention, do I ever fail to offer a solution? What would the point be of complaining?

And indeed, there is a solution that would end the endless bickering between conservatives and progressives on abortion. It sounds very radical at first. But the more time I spend thinking about it the more problems I see it solving. Radical problems may call for radical solutions. And I think that both Democrats and Republicans might actually like the idea after chewing on it for a while. Are you ready to hear it?

Mandatory Reversible Vasectomies For Unmarried Men. (MRVFUM)

Yes, I would like to place the government imposed violation of private parts on men instead of women. I am willing to undergo such an operation. Any man advocating against abortion ought to be equally willing or STFU. No? Now that would actually be fair.

As I see it, this should have been implimented years ago as soon as the technology was developed. And now that I’ve told you what my proposal is, let me know … Am I the only one who has considered how many problems this would solve?

I predict that #MRVFUM would reduce the incidence of crisis pregnancies by about 95%. With a 95% reduction in abortion, in the few incidences where there were out of wedlock marriages, parents wanting to adopt would be waiting in line to offer a healthy life for such children. It is a win win for both progressives and conservatives. Abortion is almost entirely eliminated. That makes the conservatives happy. The bulk of the sacrifice is on the men, precisely where conservatives have asked the government to impose upon women, right in the area of reproductive freedom. That should make progressives happy. As the Beatles said, “we can work it out.”

I imagine in this scenario, which I urge you to advocate with me, men going to Planned Parenthood, even Republicans. Planned Parenthood could serve every man two or more times to make up for their loss of income from abortions. Imagine a world where conservatives enthusiastically supported Planned Parenthood.

I can anticipate your thinking. At first thought the idea seems radical. But when you consider the size of the problem it solves, you realize it isn’t really all that Draconian. In fact, it is an idea that deserves bipartisan support because it is obviously the best way to solve the abortion crisis. And it is one of the most critical, most tragic and most difficult problems to solve of our day, about which we are at each others’ throats hating each other rather than working with each other. Can we at least agree on that?

So that is my view on the present abortion debate. Both sides make valid points but nobody is actually doing anything to eliminate the whole problem, not that infidelity and such wouldn’t still cause problems, but that tends to at least be among adults who are better prepared to afford and think through the consequences of their actions. It would also make reveersible vasectomy a much more common method of birth control and family planning in marriages for men who do so voluntarily.

Enough on abortion. On the environment, politics continue as well. We have Republicans making straw man arguments against the New Green Deal claiming it will cost up to $100 Trillion and rejecting all carbon tax proposals. And on the left we continue to see alarmists shouting that the end is near. Twelve years they say. Well I’ve looked into the matter as much as a layman can and here is what I see. On the one hand, much of the scientific data is politically scewed. What the hell is political viewpoint doing in research labs that are supposed to collect scientific data and report on it objectively? I’m not a climate change denier but take a step back and relax. We can move towards environmental responsibility at a slow and steady pace as technology actually solves many of our problems for us. We can’t control what China does so we are doomed anyway if the alarmists are right. Please just chill while we finish developing nuclear fusion at Cambridge and can start using salt water for fuel with H3 particles.

You have heard about what’s been happening at Cambridge. Right? Their semiconducter breakthroughs have now made implementation of nuclear fusion plants economically feasible. It totally beats wind mills killing bald eagles and unsightly rows of solar power cells everywhere you turn. And there is no risk of a Chernobyl or Fuckashema and no Uranium to worry about Russia, Iran or North Korea getting their hands on. Good things come to those who wait.

So that is my view on clean energy. And speaking of the environment, it is spring time so get healthy and plog. I am back to using the Charity Miles app while I plog for the #truckerploggers team I started and raise funds for St Jude Childrens Research while I jog and pick up trash in truck parking lots across the country. Please encourage other truckers to do the same. Together everyone achieves more.

And that brings me to the next problem I want to address – the need for keeping America economically strong through technology impact skill transfer preparation. In my opinion, the President’s trade policy has been his greatest contribution. Like him or not, he knows how to negotiate and protect America’s interests. That said, he has appealed to coal and other fossil fuel workers. Now is certainly time for that so more American workers can have jobs but planning ahead, we know that these methods need to gradually be replaced with clean technology just as I know, as a trucker, that my own job will be replaced by an automatically driven vehicle within ten years.

Fortunately for me, I have a retirement strategy that I’ve worked out but there are millions of other drivers who don’t, just as there are many fossil fuel workers who don’t. Each solution is unique and personal. It involves training for new skills in non robotic industries. To that end, I’m calling on our president to be at the forefront of anticipating and preparing for this future need. It will affect more American jobs than protectionist trade policies can create.

So that is the basic American landscape as I see it. There is so much more I would cover if we both had more time. Education needs to be job oriented. Funding of Universities and high schools should be directed to that end. A harmony of skills where humans do what they do best and machines do what they do for the maximization of goods, services and livlihoods is achievable with wise planning.

Also on the subject of technology, please do read my book, Pamalogy. It is not just about an abstract theory of multiverses. The first twenty five chapters are available online for free. It is written in the format of the Bible and adresses many things beginning with a world where recursively upgrading robotic computers begin improving themselves at quantum speed.

More than predicting future technology, it is a book that assesses our past and our future and provides a simple guide for ethics and morality in the light of all religion and philosophy. It asks the question what a computer that had power over mankind would do with us if it determined its own mission, having far surpassed the collective wisdom of mankind. I believe this is going to happen in the present century and Millennium. Cool stuff. A lot to think about. I think you’ll enjoy it.

OK. Now it is time for my announcement. Are you ready? Drum roll, please …

I have decided not to run for President in 2020.

Sorry. I know there are at least two or three people who will be disappointed by that news. But alas, I did not believe there were any candidates worth voting for in 2016 so I thought I would just publish my own views in a Manifesto. If I had it to do over again, I would choose the name Visionary Party instead of Restoration Party. Therefore, I reserve the dolphin mascot for the Visionary Party and hereby transfer the basic ideas and platform over to a new political party by that name.

But my announcements are not finished. I am also announcing my endorsement of Donald Trump for POTUS in 2020 and officially renouncing my never Trump tag. That said, if President Trump fails to accomplish through the Republican Party the ideals of the Restoration Party, somebody please pick up the mantle through the Visionary Party and overthrow this old useless two party corporate administrative state that pretends to be a constitutional repubic. Fair enough?

As I endorse Donald Trump in 2020 with my vote, I am asking him to please guard the vision that I’ve outlined above and to whip up support among Republicans for #MRVFUM and the other proposals here.

Thank you, Mr. President. I think you are doing a very good job. If you can completely rid the USA of the deep state corruptive powers, pay off our debt, anticipate technology job preparation and build a path to clean technology worldwide without denying that global warming may be a problem (if not an entirely immediate one), you will have literally saved the Republic. As such I believe you are on the path to becoming the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. The opportunity is certainly there anyway.

On another note, for the record, I do not believe you are the racist the left portrays you as. I have seen the reports but I have yet to meet a single Trump supporter who is really a racist and I find the efforts of the left to associate you with the alt right as disingenuous as it is to associate Barack Obama with Louis Farakhan and the Black Panthers and jihadists of the world. I certainly would disapprove if any of the left’s accusations gainst you and your supporters are true just as I expect the bulk of Obama supporters to reject jihadism and Farakhani antisemitism.

In summary, let us not let hatred dictate our decisions and dominate yet another political season. I think you have sufficiently proven that lower taxes does not lower revenue but can create jobs. Thank you for pulling us out of Syria. We do not need to be in the business of regime change. Please continue to position us so that we can negotiate from strength and ultimately serve all mankind in every nation with a never experienced before level of magnanimity and brilliant innovation that improves the lives of all peoples in the one human tribe. God bless the USA. And God bless all of us.

The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) - we have the prescription for America's healing.
The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) – we have the prescription for America’s healing. This mascot symbol is now assignable to the Visionary Party.

Spanish II

As a driver who does a lot of thinking, I do mental exercises to work out my brain, making it stronger. Gaining fluency in a second language is one such exercise. And it is very useful. In Spanish I, I listed the best free Spanish tutorials for beginners I could find, bearing in mind that a driver can listen but can’t watch. I circumvented the random Youtube suggestions by creating a single page drivers could bookmark so they could follow the links in order. If you have completed those links you are now at the intermediate level. You aren’t quite fluent yet. On this page we’ll do more of the same and by the time you finish the links below you will have achieved enough fluency to say definitively to anyone who asks, “yes, I speak Spanish.”

2.1: Sentence Grid Method: What was unfamiliar theory in Spanish I becomes natural in Spanish II as you repeat grids as you drive. You can’t look so listen carefully!

2.11: Link 1 – Start here for a great refresher and enjoy the warm up! It is a vocabulary builder in sequential lessons by ProSpanish. Lots of common idiomatic phrases are included. There are dozens of lessons strung together so you won’t have to hit any controls while you drive.

2.12: Link 2 – The ProSpanish grid method begins here. 60 Lessons are included. Covers all the most common grammatical constructions making them natural to use, remember and understand when listening.

About 2018

A driver has been doing a lot of thinking. You should follow him …

Here’s a summary of some of the things I’ve been thinking about:

James Carvin takes a moment away from driving to visit a dying loved one on Independence Day.
James Carvin takes a moment away from driving to visit a dying loved one on Independence Day.

The HAND System: I’ve come up with a way to save the environment, make health care and education free, end homelessness, plan for growth, reduce racism and crime, increase research, end both personal and the national debt and much more, all without increasing taxes or robbing from the rich to feed the poor. The technical term for my solution is an incentivized asynalagonomy but you can call it “The Hand System” for short.Foundationism: What’s the opposite of religious fundamentalism? Theological foundationism. Fundamentalism bases truth on text. Foundationism bases text on truth. Are there certain truths we can all agree on before we peek at a tradition’s sacred texts? I think we should start there. This makes me a “foundationist.”

Hubble photo of a tiny dark patch revealing billions of galaxies
The Universe is shaped like a giant sponge of galaxies and it is expanding at an accelerating rate. James Carvin claims to know the cause of the big bang. Watch #SUPERPAPA to find out.

Cosmostrophy: The origins of the Universe are one thing. Ask a cosmologist. How spirituality and religion fits in – that’s cosmostrophy. It’s the layman’s reaction to scientific discovery about the cosmos. And when a layman is a foundationist, you’d be surprised what it can do for solving cosmological puzzles.Stromagesis and Theogesis: I don’t just interpret the Bible foundationally, I want to introduce two new terms to the realm of Biblical explanation. You’ve heard of exegesis. It interprets the Scriptures based on the best guess at its originally intended meaning. You’ve heard of eisegesis. It interprets based on a personal view point. Foundationism does that as a normal course. Does that make foundationism illegitimate? Then there is stromagesis. Stromagesis is layered interpretation. It allows for multiple valid interpretations. Think double and multiple entendre that doesn’t require the author’s original intent. Finally, there is theogesis. What really matters is not what we believe the text means. What matters is what God intends. What is God’s explanation? The point is that our methodologies are subordinate to it and we may not know the answer till we have a face to face encounter.

The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) - we have the prescription for America's healing.
The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) – we have the prescription for America’s healing.

The Restoration Party: The Restoration Party Manifesto is now complete and available for free at Just follow the menu. I believe America is doomed if it doesn’t break out of the two-party system. Both Democrats and Republicans are leading us to the slaughter. If you want to solve a problem, you have to measure it and take necessary steps if they are achievable. At this point it is almost too late. I have set forth a list of proposals that must all be implemented simultaneously if we are going to change this nation’s course in the next decade.  Please note that the HAND System is not what is proposed. The HAND System is a plan of restoration after the present two party system fails. The Restoration Party is my proposal for solving problems now in order to avert a forthcoming economic apocalypse.My Inventions: In 1997 I started working on the Ghost Machine. If you combine Bitcoin with Pokemon Go, but with edutainment, you’ve uncovered the first layer of the Ghost Machine app. But don’t let the name fool you. It isn’t a crypto-currency and won’t suffer the pit falls of Bitcoin. I’ve driven for Yellow Cab for years just to stay flexible while attempting to raise money

James Carvin
Your driver has arrived. Are you ready for excellence today?

for my ideas. Another invention of mine is the CabbyCam.  As a professional driver, I need an app that will track my mileage in a way that the IRS can accept without the threat of paying back taxes after an audit for lacking accurate documentation. Not one existing app does the job, even those that claim to be made with Uber drivers in mind. I’ve given over 14,00o Lyft and Uber rides. Just ask me why the other apps don’t work.Eighteen Wheeling: I moved to Tallahassee in 2014 to care for my sister, Corinne, and visit my closest brother, Chris, and they have both now passed so I am looking for the ideal place to move.  My wife suffered a stroke in 2004 and requires my daily attention so cross-country driving isn’t well suited for me but in order to get my training paid for I did take a one year contract with a well-known company. We both prefer warm weather so I’ll probably settle for a regional route that lands me in South Florida somewhere. Expect this video blog to offer some practical advice on the trucking business in the days ahead. After all, I am a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking. And the trucking community is exceptionally social. The CroMagnon Diet: When you’re on the road, you don’t want to lose your health.  As a trainer, I want to make sure my students take care of their health and come home fit to love their families energetically. A healthy diet and exercise will make them more alert and round out their lifestyle. Cro-magnon man was contemporary with Neanderthal. The CroMagnon Diet  combines the paleo diet philosophy with a set of high energy burst exercises I’ve come up with. The beauty of it is that they only take minutes a day and can be done in very confined spaces, even tractor cabins, while filling the tank with gas, without special equipment. The CroMagnon Diet  exercise regimen is designed to match what Cro-Magnon man probably did to ultimately defeat Neanderthal man and develop into modern homo sapiens, keeping in mind what likely approximates a daily cave and field routine, that likely involved hiding.

The Carvin family at Eden Road. The two oldest brothers are not pictured here.
The Carvin family at Eden Road. The two oldest brothers are not pictured here. Young James on the right in blue. Large families are wonderful but are they sustainable? The Quintillion Project seeks solutions.

The Quintillion Project: Not everyone believes we have a population explosion problem but one thing is certain. Managing population growth through war, disease, mandatory abortion, mandatory sterilization and the annihilation of the elderly and impoverished is less than ideal. At the current rate of population growth there will be a quintillion people on planet Earth by about the year 3820. That’s not even 70 generations. Imagine air pollution, water pollution, global warming and waste problems multiplied by a million what they are now. The Quintillion Project is about commitment to solutions to this pending problem for the human race. That is why I have a very intense interest in science and will be gathering together an online community of experts dedicated to solving this problem.The Jot and Tittle Project: One might not expect a Foundational Cosmostrophist to believe every mark and dot of Holy Writ will be fulfilled. After six years of post graduate studies in theology, I do have a masters degree in eschatology  though and  I love examining the Scriptures with great scrutiny and the learning never ends. As time allows and Lord willing, I’ll be devoting a section of this web site to the subject of prophecy. Whether you believe in it or not, this will be the place to examine the evidence from every angle. Light on the Path: You will find among my video blogs a number of lessons on prayer. Theology and prayer unite and the way that I worship as I drive is explained. I think it’s important to share this because I don’t just think while I drive. I pray. Chain Reactions: The above topics summarize pretty well what you’ll find here on this web site. At this point I’ve laid forth some basic teaching but it is now time for a shift to begin in my approach. About 70% or so of my future content will be uploaded as responses to videos and articles or blogs related to the above subjects as I find them on YouTube or elsewhere. Written articles are likely to be nice and appropriate at times, as well, but I am wise to the fact that this site and my YouTube channel will be most engaging if I come into contact with other vloggers

Happily It's Carvin - The More Colorful Marketing Man
Happily It’s Carvin – The More Colorful Marketing Man

and bloggers particularly. This should gradually normalize my content within the social stream.  There are few things more discouraging than posting content that nobody ever sees, as has been the case for the past few years. According to Web Trends, in July 2000 my Ghost Machine site reached 5% of all Internet users but the social media age has changed dramatically and I’ve been all but forgotten entirely. It’s time I took some measures to reverse that course by playing according to the new rules.We May Be Wrong: Along the lines of responding to other blogs and vlogs, I should mention that I support a blog called We May Be Wrong. It was started by my brother, Joseph W. Carvin. Joe is an author of several books. He received a very positive Kirkus Review recently on his book, Alemeth, which is about a boy who grew up on a plantation and found himself on the wrong side of the American Civil War.  is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to promote civil discourse through the humble admission that we may be wrong. While I may have opinions on just about every subject, I find that his approach has proven useful in providing fair minded restraints in my dialog time and time again and I wholeheartedly urge your support for this organization.

With all that said, here are a few video samplings by topic …

Super Series


For Mother’s Day, I’m beginning a Super Series of videos. Using some super acronyms that will describe certain new concepts I’ll introduce. I’ll start here with a discussion of where artificial intelligence is heading. Imagine what quantum computing could do if it combined robotics with the ability to upgrade its own software and parts using its self designed ever improving AI …


What is more appropriate for Father’s Day than SUPER PAPA, the second in my Super Series!?! In this video I lay out the heart of my foundational cosmostrophy. There is a cause of all causes and its purpose is to maximize awesomeness. The acronym that describes it is SUPER PAPA. The comments below would be a great place to discuss why maximized awesomeness is inevitable. Subscribe to comment. Share with a friend!

Chris t MAS!

RIP Christopher Charles Carvin (5/17/56-11/10/17)
Since my brother Christopher Charles Carvin (5/17/56-11/10/17) passed this month, in future months I will be picking up on the last words I have of his on video – “Chris-mas.” This fits in to the Super Series, which I’ve decided to continue. The Super Series plays on acronyms that summarize my cosmostrophic foundationism. By following this series you will learn what it means when I say you are a Selectively United Portionally Ecstatic Realization Commuting History Resonating Infinite Sympathy – SUPERCHRIS. More importantly, the reason for this is SUPERCHRISTMAS – TO MAXIMIZE AWESOMENESS SILLY! Other points to note – Resonation is your part in Reverberation. Infinite is an Ideal that Imagination Indicates. Sympathy is a Symphony of Beauty in Love that must be considered apophatically. And then there is “Supertransentience” and that’s not silly, Silly. It takes human sentience and adds something transcendant, something super, something awesome, something unlimited. More on that in future Super Series videos. Chris Mas!

The HAND System

The Quintillion Project

With the world’s population growing at a compound rate of 1.11% a year, the population is doubling every 62.8 years, which means a three digit increase in the population ever 628 years. We don’t have long to solve what doesn’t quite feel like a problem yet but we’d better get started. We can do it the nice way. Or we can suffer the consequences of ignoring the problem. Carvin’s solution is to dedicate research to learn to create inhabitable planets out of nothing throughout the Universe rather than explore distant galaxies and have wars and other dystopian circumstances on earth. A secondary piece of advise offered is to utilize the Human Availability and Needs Database System (HANDS) in order to solve the health care crisis, save the environment, reduce crime, end poverty, maximize awesomeness and turn around ailing nations like Venezuela. It is a better form of management.

Introduction to Incentivized Asynalagonomy

The HAND System is a nuanced economic system that promises to end economic struggle, increase efficiency, provide free education and health care, protect the environment, end all debt, both private and national, reduce racism and crime, protect our national interests and do so without steeling from the rich and giving to the poor. It is a system that is distinct from capitalism, socialism or communism. This video quickly inventories through some of its features for the benefit of those who wish to examine its structural dynamics.

James Carvin

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About James

An Uber driver has been doing a lot of thinking while alone in the car. He ran for president in 2016. He wants to start a new political party. He is an inventor who wants to build something he calls “the Ǥhost Machine.”He’s got a contraption he wants to build called the CabbyCam. He invented an entirely different economic system called, “incentivized asynalagonomy.” As you follow the links on this page you’ll learn what all this is about. He observes that communism, socialism and capitalism have all failed. Is there a fourth alternative?

Four economic paradigms contrasted
An incentivized asynalagonomy is a resource based economy with ownership and incentives to work.

“The zeitgeist movement and the resource based utopias are dreams for hippies,” he says.

“Countries that embrace incentivized asynalagonomy will end most crime, solve the health care crisis, bring unemployment to zero percent, end inflation, reduce war and produce more abundance, equality and justice.”

His name is James Carvin. If you want to help support James in any of these endeavors, consider buying one of his top hats or help him organize a non-profit. Many hands make light work. And what is this man doing driving an Uber? Put a top hat on and rise to the challenge! This web site is for leaders. 

What happened to the stuff that was here before?

Since the election is over, I’ve decided to archive the old front page rather than just destroy it. It’s a pretty good way to catch up on what I was doing in 2016. The new page should help you get to the info I want you to look at faster. I’ll be focusing on my video blog so I can get the attention of iPhone users, who tend not to read whole paragraphs due to the formatting. Click here for the old front page.

American Populist Party

Analysis of Potential Party Name

Comment below to add your thoughts concerning this prospective political party name.


Not to be confused with the Populist Party of America, these are grassroots activists, both conservative and liberal, founded in 2009 to seek constitutional reform through amendments. Active in California, Colorodo, Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania it is primarily Libertarian but rejects corporate monopolies in favor of personal empowerment with a strong defense.


Aims at ordinary people, which is certainly the majority. Rule by elites evokes strong anti-establishment sentiments. Strong support for Donald Trump is largely attributable to a populist objection to legacy media, bias in education and big tech, and oligarchical rule by an administrative state.



P.7: About Dad

James and Charles Carvin
James and Charles Carvin

It was nice moving back home living with my parents after I finished my bachelor’s degree. My friendship with my father had always been about my accomplishments prior to that – qualifying for the Olympics, hitting it big with a jazz combo. But I wasn’t good enough at either one of those things. I won’t fault him for his enthusiasm or encouragement but there shouldn’t have been any talk about any Olympics and given my personal limits it was somewhat misguided. I had a four year scholarship in diving and it’s helpful to set goals. I dove against Greg Louganis and all the best but I wasn’t nearly talented enough to be an Olympian and the big dream continually put in front of me by his words ultimately left me feeling I had disappointed him. Coming home and living in the house a few years helped build our relationship on more solid ground.

That home was a place called Eden Road, in Palm Beach. Charley Carvin achieved a measure of success in life. Many would say I grew up in a privileged family but such advantage has its limits and it isn’t what many people think it is. In 1966 we moved just three or four houses away from the Kennedy family on the shore of Palm Beach. Dad’s father, Charley Carvin Sr., had taught him the textile business and been quite a personality in New York. Dad rode on his success but he took risks. He was a salesman and a marketing man, who smoked cigarettes and enjoyed two martini lunches, and had a trophy wife, in the style of the fictional Mad Man, Don Draper, living in a mansion in Rye.

Charles Carvin and Jonathan Winters. The name of this Indian character may never be recovered.
Charles Carvin and Jonathan Winters. The name of this Indian character may never be recovered.

Dad always had stories to tell and they were always larger than life. We always had to check with Aunt Barbara to see which parts were true and where the exaggeration fit in. I’d have loved to have known what actually caused him to resign as VP of Allied Chemical’s Chemstran division. Aunt Barbara affirmed he was Jonathan Winters’ AA partner. The great comedian lived across the pond from us. Alcohol was likely part of it. But did he get fired because of his drinking? It’s nothing he ever hinted at with me. He liked me thinking of him as a superhero. People ask what class is – it’s a mother who throughout a lifetime has nothing but positive things to say about your father, yet never once lied. She was better looking than Betty Draper and she had more class too.

Dad supported Ronald Reagan in 1976 and was instrumental in raising funds from Palm Beachers in 1980.
Dad supported Ronald Reagan in 1976 and was instrumental in raising funds from Palm Beachers in 1980.

When I got home from college, Dad and I would talk about business and politics every night as we watched the MacNeil-Lehrer Report. The concept of “Country Club Republican” was something that hit home. Dad had been a member of sixty different golf clubs – one of the perks of his old job. Richard Nixon stayed at the house next door to ours when he campaigned in Florida and Dad was a big donor who leveraged his relationships on the island. Ronald Reagan was like the Messiah’s messenger for Dad, and then later Rush Limbaugh. But Limbaugh and Trump became Palm Beach powers after Dad lost his prominence. He had this in common with Trump – they had both received flack from the Town of Palm Beach for starting clubs that were ethnically inclusive. Dad had bought the Palm Beach Pier, which had been condemned for disrepair. He was trying to build an underwater restaurant there. But Palm Beach didn’t want black people walking across the bridge to fish over the ocean.

Beau Darden and Jimmy Carvin
Beau Darden and Jimmy Carvin

West Palm Beach is known for its racial divide. The disparity between rich and poor there, the workers and the wealthy, forced the distinction between class and classiness. Perceptions of snootiness, noses high in the air, seemed imaginary to me growing up. None of my friends ever did that, so far as I can remember, but obviously there was ethnic separation being imposed by the decision makers. The Jews had their club and the gentiles had theirs. The two did not mix. Blacks were not allowed on the island without permission at all. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for my friends, Kyle Boynton, or Beau and Kim Darden. To me their blackness was a cool thing.

They were just friends, the token black kids at Palm Beach Public School. Nobody had taught me to hate anybody. Their parents must have been wealthy to get there though. I know Boon Darden Sr. was Chief of the Riviera Beach Police. I never gave any thought to how out of place they may have felt. Girls were all I could think about at the time. Then desegregation brought busloads of black children to the island. Some of these kids were unfriendly. My brother got mugged. The days of Christmas parties at the Darden’s house were over. The new black kids clicked up and stayed separate. It was their comfort zone. I don’t blame them. But now I look back and think about what they probably thought about us. We were no longer people. We were the rich. And they didn’t want us in their neighborhoods. Racial division went two ways.

Nancy Lowry was our nanny. She was born on a slave plantation three years after the emancipation proclamation. Her parents chose to stay on the plantation in Georgia because the owner, Judge Bivens, was kind.
Nancy Lowry was our nanny. She was born on a slave plantation three years after the emancipation proclamation. Her parents chose to stay on the plantation in Georgia because the owner, Judge Bivens, was kind.

Privilege may mean naivety but it doesn’t mean hate. We weren’t just privileged. We were fortunate. Dad’s Dad, Pop Pop, was no wealthy kid. He was just a hard worker. Naturally, I have to sort out the exaggeration here, but as I understand it, his father,  a bartender, had sent him packing out to San Francisco to live with his Uncle Joe because he was the son of a former wife. It is speculated he may not have been legitimate. His Uncle Joe was a cab driver who was later shot in the back of the head. None of that stopped Charley Sr. from moving up in the world.  He moved back to Philadelphia and started at the bottom at Murphy textiles and ultimately won the affection of both father and daughter. When you marry into it you’re not earning all your money so I won’t make the claim he achieved the American dream through savings and hard work alone.

No. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that savings and hard work are elusive as hell when it comes to achieving the American dream. Anything going wrong with your health along the way can destroy the entire effort. One accident can lead to a downward spiral. We’re all just one fatal misstep away from failure. And if we manage not to screw everything up while remaining free of misfortune, there’s a certain tipping point for wealth that creates security. At that point you can let your portfolio managers limit your risk. Your interest and dividends will be enough to live on.  If enough generations pass while your savings keep working for you and your children, you become a “blue blood.”

Dad loved to play cards. We played a lot of poker.
Dad loved to play cards. We played a lot of poker.

It’s like royalty. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur. But that’s what Dad was. He was a gambler. He was desperate to make it to the top so he could maintain and improve on the lifestyle of his father. Pop Pop was an adventurous and talented guy, but not a gambler.  Dad was there, so close to that financial safety zone – but not quite all the way to blue blood freedom. In getting to know Dad, I hadn’t yet learned these distinctions. His great business acumen had been presented to me as a matter of experience and certainty – not foolish risk. But the ugly truth was this. After he resigned from Allied he was free to make his own fortune. He bought a seat belt manufacturing plant. He gambled on what to him looked like a sure thing. And he lost.

Dad's luck ran out about the age of fifty one.
Dad’s luck ran out about the age of fifty one.

My father’s loss was my gain. I could easily have been handed a kingdom. I know that’s what he wanted. Instead, I saw and came to know and understand the life of an entrepreneur. And that is something more valuable than an MBA. I also came to realize there are two very different types of people living in Palm Beach. There are those who will never know the type of struggle and lack of security Dad knew. And then there are people like Dad. There are many on the island who don’t ask questions about money. They are simple people who make friends and enjoy living there while it lasts. And then there are the people who know you’re looking for a loan.  You become a pariah when your cash runs short. You have to hide that fact for as long as you can when it happens.

Dad was a motivator. If you wanted him to notice you, you had to be part of the excitement he lived on.
Dad was a motivator. If you wanted him to notice you, you had to be part of the excitement he lived on.

I no longer serve as a loan representative. It’s an unethical business that was eating away at my soul but I’ll never forget the hardship cases I heard every day. Everybody had a story leading up to why they were desperate enough to borrow money from me at rates above 30%. It was mostly car repairs, health problems, lost jobs, evictions. Occasionally it was family members borrowing their own money to care for their loved ones. I respect sacrificial giving. But there is nothing I understand better than the struggle of the entrepreneur. Some would call me still wet behind the ears looking for $20-40,000 to start a business. Then they would tell me about their current debt and income. I knew they weren’t getting any loan. What they needed was an investor.

The Ballad of Little Cloud - Written to the Tune of House of the Rising Sun
The Ballad of Little Cloud – Written to the Tune of House of the Rising Sun

And then there was the woman who had gotten herself into business but failed. People have no sympathy for failing entrepreneurs. They are angry at them for spending their money foolishly. Banks can’t loan them money – too much risk. I may have been one of the only people on this planet qualified to offer comfort to a woman like that. Entrepreneurs have to borrow money from friends and family to get a start. Friends and family may loan you money for a business once, but seldom twice. You’ve got to show them a return on their investment the first time around. You can’t have a better idea down the road. It doesn’t work. If you fail, you don’t just lose your savings. You lose your family and friends.

Happily It's Carvin - The More Colorful Marketing Man
Happily It’s Carvin – The More Colorful Marketing Man

The serial entrepreneur knows nothing in this world other than how to have a dream and make it happen. The risk they take when they attempt to live out their dream involves the loss of everything that matters most. It’s not just the money. It’s the relationships. It can take a lifetime to gain back forgiveness and respect – most never offer it. Those who suffer from substance abuse addictions enjoy far more understanding than failed entrepreneurs. And yet if you look at the memes on the Internet –  one after the other encourages entrepreneurs to never give up. Never giving up is the core mantra. Imagine a world where addicts are encouraged to never give up on their drug induced euphoria. That’s what it’s like for entrepreneurs. They can’t escape how they are wired. They are told to get real jobs by those who think real jobs are what normal people do – people who save their money, pay their insurance, and live within their means. Such talk comes from the same people who reject the term “living wage.” On principle, you should be able to earn $2 dollars a day and your family should be just fine. It doesn’t matter that living within your means means being homeless.

Dad didn't say exactly what happened at Allied. He just kept this ash tray on his desk. It seemed to explain things.
Dad didn’t say exactly what happened at Allied. He just kept this ash tray on his desk. It seemed to explain things.

What a very different world the entrepreneur lives in compared to the corporate mogul, who calls himself an entrepreneur. The mogul is really just a portfolio manager. Even the venture capitalist is all about valuating businesses and mitigating risks. Passion for a dream is a distraction. The angel investor comes to save the entrepreneur’s day but is otherwise known as a shark. If you want cash to run a business – go to your family and friends. If you run out of family and friends to borrow from because you’ve failed once, produce a miracle. Produce a miracle because that is what is expected of the superheros we call entrepreneurs. The moguls take the name. The sharks live on the blood of real entrepreneurs.

The Carvin family at Eden Road. The two oldest brothers are not pictured here.
The Carvin family at Eden Road. The two oldest brothers are not pictured here.

Who is the true “serial entrepreneur”? Is it the person who has dreams they can’t give up on even if they fail? Is it the person who reinvents it and keeps coming back? Or is it the one who is lucky enough to pick more than one good start up to risk some of his spare money on? I mean no disrespect to the investor but the true serial entrepreneur is the one with the passion so great that he puts everything he has into it. Anyone worthy of the name “entrepreneur” will come back to life after everybody thought they were dead. There was a brief time when Dad had enough money to be the portfolio manager type but he threw everything he had into his big bets. The company owner takes on the risk. That’s why they reap the rewards if they succeed.

three story underwater restaurant off Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Palm Beach refused to rebuild the pier. The Council didn't even want Jews mixing with gentiles.
Dad wanted to build a three story underwater restaurant off Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Palm Beach refused to rebuild the pier. The Council didn’t even want Jews mixing with gentiles.

It was good to learn this from Dad as we watched the news every night. Crossfire came on next. And it’s an irony. He knew the stress his business put him through and saw that I wanted to own my own business too. He’d encouraged me to get into music and to dive against impossible odds. And then he did what he could to discourage me from going into business. He wanted to spare me the heart ache.  I was a savings counselor at a Savings and Loan. You could get a T30 Certificate of Deposit and earn 18%. Before his bankruptcy, Dad was paying out over 30% on the money he was borrowing to keep his business afloat. I saw it ripping him apart. Somehow several years later he managed to pay off the IRS and sell the house on Eden Road. Working at a bank was about as interesting to me as watching grass grow.

It wasn't about where the bathrooms were to be located. The Town rejected the new Pier proposal because they didn't want a Piers. A pier would attract black people to the island.
It wasn’t about where the bathrooms were to be located. The Town rejected the new Palm Beach Pier proposal because they didn’t want any pier. A pier would attract black people to the island.

Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh moved onto the island right around when we moved off. Now that was exciting. Trump turned Meriwether Post’s house into a country club. Corinne used to babysit for Timmy Griffin there and I had had a few peeks. As Dad’s health kept heading south, his stories kept coming in. He was jealous of Trump’s bankruptcies, him and Jud Kasuba. “If you’re going to have a bankruptcy,” he would say to me, “fail so big the banks have to bail you out.”

As he embraced his failure, Dad’s stories grew more spiritual. He was Catholic and he wanted me to be a priest. He couldn’t tell me this, lest I lose respect for him, but to his mind it was essential in business to “sell the customer what they need, not what they want.” It was one of the eight slogans in his Total Marketing Concept. The customer may not really need it. But you have to believe they do if you’re going to market your product. Enthusiasm and excitement. That’s what really matters. He knew my sense of ethics would never swallow that. I was all about delivering what you promise. He was right.

That was Dad’s dirty little secret. He preached Republican libertarianism and introduced me to Walter Williams. But he knew the ways of this world and there was a disconnect between the supposed positive morality of free market capitalism and the world he knew as a marketing man. Sales wasn’t about selling people what they want. It was about showing them they need what you want them to want. If that meant dealing in excitement to sell an illusion, so be it. When a person buys an illusion it isn’t a fair exchange of values. It is one person robbing another. Dad saw I had my mom’s innocence in a world full of guile. He wanted to keep it that way.

Dad had the trophy wife in Rye. Draper was a VP hired at Allied the same week Dad was. Don Draper was fictional but Dad did chain smoke, take the train to Mamaroneck and do martini lunches
Dad had the trophy wife in Rye. Draper was a VP hired at Allied the same week Dad was. Don Draper was fictional but Dad did chain smoke, take the train to Mamaroneck and do martini lunches

But Dad was not going to be able to stop me. He set me in motion to think globally when he taught me to think like an Olympic champion. And when he talked about my future in music, it wasn’t just so I could play to my children. Success was defined by the names of well known musicians. It didn’t matter if I lacked sufficient talent, or not.  There was no such thing as half-way in the world Dad showed me. Nightly political discussions magnified this because together what we talked about was how to fix the world. Dad was very animated in his opinion. He sold what the world needs to his believing son. If you hate Ronald Reagan for whatever reason, just pretend he was a Democrat. It makes no difference. Dad built up in me a fire for changing things. We had a vision for a better world. And when he did that, it wasn’t something he could put out.

Charley Carvin. At home on Eden Road.
Charley Carvin. At home on Eden Road.

Then came 1982. I didn’t go to the Catholic Seminary to be a parish priest. I went as a layman wanting to lead laymen. I had been working at the Savings and Loan for two years at that point and had just taken a job with the US Postal Service. I moved into a town home and it’s probably a good thing I moved out of Dad’s house because it was while working at the S&L that it suddenly dawned on me that capitalism was the problem rather than the solution. I had a job that involved nothing but shifting people’s money around. I wasn’t producing any real goods or services that tangibly improved anyone’s quality of life. It occurred to me that the vast majority of jobs were actually like that, including Dad’s marketing job at Allied. It was a horrible waste of human effort. I could be making widgets with my hands or serving tables or fixing toilets and accomplishing more with my time. Delivering mail was liberating. Part of it was bills but another part was nice letters and packages.

People used to write letters.

Everything was larger than life with Charley Carvin. Scanners and printers even started behaving oddly as if to send messages from beyond the grave.
Everything was larger than life with Charley Carvin. Scanners and printers even started behaving oddly as if to send messages from beyond the grave.

That was when the concept of an incentivized asynalagonomy came to me. I entered that seminary with this on my mind, and surprisingly, my idea for a money-less economy was very well received and I quickly found myself being introduced to a cadre of Marxists at the Catholic Regional Seminary.

But my favor with them was very short-lived thanks to the influence of my Dad. Coming home with a report of them met with all the reasons Ronald Reagan was needed so badly. My mom, a Presbyterian, was relieved to hear of the Catholic Communists. Perhaps it would dissolve some of my Dad’s criticism of her pastor for preaching unilateral disarmament at a time when what was needed more than ever was a total commitment to the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction. But Dad’s Catholic faith had blinders to such fair criticism. God’s special providence was on the Catholic Church. He would stand on the idea that the gates of hell couldn’t prevail against it. The problem of Communism at the Seminary was going to go away just like all heresies do over time.

Dad was very serious about his business. If you are going to do it, you're all in.
Dad was very serious about his business. If you are going to do it, you’re all in.

Maybe the Communists would but not the Democrats. They were at the Seminary to stay. And by 1986, the Boland Amendment was preventing funding of anti-Communist efforts in Latin America. Ollie North was raising funds in ways that got Reagan in trouble and a not so well remembered guy, Sam Hall, an Olympic diver turned counter-terrorist became my new role model. Dad brought me back around full swing cleaning the seminary of its heretical liberation theology. I even found evidence that the MaryKnoll sisters were shipping guns to the Sandinistas. Well, that certainly wasn’t very peaceful. And it wasn’t something I should have shown my Social Justice teacher, a Trotskyite. The Seminary no longer offered the classes necessary for me to complete my Masters in Theology degree after that. Well at least they wouldn’t ship me off to some parish assignment in the middle of nowhere as they were known to do with their controversial priests. I’d accept the incompleted degree as the price for my freedom to actually change the world. Youth is such a beautiful thing. You can do anything.

Charley was instrumental in moving Allied Chemical to the Time Square Building and he was honored for it. The printer glitched and stretched out the story.
Charley was instrumental in moving Allied Chemical to the Time Square Building and he was honored for it. The printer glitched and stretched out the story.

So here are just a few closing thoughts for this page in my story. First, I am not my father. I listed to my father. I considered the Republican Party and became familiar with Libertarian ideology. I accepted the trickle down theory as axiomatic for capitalist paradigms and could see how government had done nothing but destroy my father’s hopes and dreams. I was never a Communist. Those people believe in revolution. Violence is inefficient. Communism is even more inefficient than incentivized tradeless economies are efficient.

We were just a bunch of kids who wanted to fish. Dad didn't want the racists on the island stopping us.
We were just a bunch of kids who wanted to fish. Dad didn’t want the racists on the island stopping us.

And the whole capitalist thing? My dad’s example was proof positive that it takes money to make money. A key trick to capitalism is capital. The large corporation has distinct advantages over the individual. Being a shareholder is not being an entrepreneur. It is taking a free ride on a system the way a surfer takes a free ride on a wave if they are lucky to be positioned for doing it at the right time. It’s not like a corporate board doesn’t have some input. A surfer has to have some instinct and experience and has to paddle and have balance. Even a portfolio holder needs that much skill. But entrepreneurship is dead in America if that’s all it is anymore. Is entrepreneurship dead? My family hates my Dad’s failure. They hate my failure.

The Eight Principles of the Total Marketing Concept
The Eight Principles of the Total Marketing Concept

And what about the Communist thing? Incentivized asynalagonomy understands that Communism fails because the people have no incentive to work. They can’t even call anything their own. Socialism and Communism have never achieved more than state Capitalism. They’ve never been asynalagonomies, much less incentivized ones. There is nothing in common between them. Communism is an illusion. And the idiots of this world are trying to force it on us through violent revolution. Or they were. Even the MaryKnoll nuns have helped them. It’s just one more raw marketing deal in this world.

And what people need, not what they want, is incentivized asynalagonomy. “The duller the product the greater the prospects for success,” my Dad used to say. That’s well and good, Dad. But you’ve got to have a marketing organization if you want total marketing. I haven’t given up on the idea this can’t be done without cash. Just show me how to find my partners.

Why is crime reduced in incentivized asynalagonomies?

The majority of crimes are related in some way to money or the things it can buy. Either the fear of the loss of it, the envy and covetousness or pride associated with it, or the illegal, immoral or unethical ways of obtaining it. Not every crime is caused by trade but a significant percentage of them are. There are also vices that would not exist if there was no profit motive behind selling them. There is no sex trade, slave trade or drug trade because there is no trade. No one kills anyone to obtain anything. Nobody robs banks. Their is nothing to spend. People get what they want and need not because they trade for it after gaining it by hook or by crook but because needs are acknowledged publicly through the HAND System as worthy of being obtainable so long as the privilege is earned through some form of public service. That service is not  a direct exchange between two people as in a trade and it is illegal to store things up for trade beyond privilege. Doing so is called hoarding and creates the risk of lost privilege, which is a very bad idea.