February – a great way to top off a year

I thought I’d release this unimpressive video, (confusing if it’s the first here you’ve seen), just to top off 2017 about a month late. It completes my commitment to produce 12 videos – one each month. Of course, I failed at that because I skipped January. In January, I was struggling with my new trucker job and frustrated that I couldn’t be home for Epiphany, much less finish up the five part harmony arrangement of The Ring of the Thoughtful Driver.

The Ring of the Thoughtful Driver - page 1 of 16
The Ring of the Thoughtful Driver – page 1 of 16

The Ring of the Thoughtful Driver was a love song for Lisa set to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen intended to be in the style of the Pentatonix, but recorded by me, which I’d hoped to deliver to her for Christmas, along with me. The project didn’t materialize on schedule because I lacked the right equipment to record it and I was trucking away through the holidays, thanks to the immense disorganization of the company I work for (which shall not be named). I can’t overdub and monitor and even if I did, my mics and effects processing would be a long way from Pentatonix quality. My voice – that’s also a long shot from the quality I would want, but that goes without saying. Frustrated, I put up a video somebody else made that I thought was worth watching and sent my wife the manuscripts for The Ring of the Thoughtful Driver for Christmas via Facebook. Maybe I can get it recorded by next Christmas if I can get some help from some friends. Shown here is page one.

So to today. Here we are in February and I’m realizing how incompatible trucking is with recording. Still, I need to convey a host of thoughts that will establish and define Foundationism, Cosmostrophy, the HAND System and other unique expressions I’ve had. This driver has been doing a lot of thinking. These thoughts are worth sharing. So in baby steps, here it comes. Only for the coming days, I’m going to take a new approach. I’m going to compare and contrast my own thinking with other stuff I find on YouTube. By doing this, I think people will start to discover what Cosmostrophy is, what Foundationism is, what Asynalagonomy is and maybe, just maybe, the YouTube search engine will pick my videos up as relevant for certain key words since they’ll be responses to already popular stuff. Expect some changes in the formatting at JamesCarvin.com to accompany that. I’ll be categorizing things in ways people are more used to.

My Patreon Appeal

A friend of the family suggested I put up a Patreon appeal when he saw the quality of the Super Chris video in October, so I put together this Patreon appeal for Thanksgiving. Your financial support will equip me to make quality videos while on my new trucking job so I can continue on my journey as the driver who’s been doing a lot of thinking. Click here to support me through Patreon.

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Top three results on Patreon searches for James Carvin
Top three results on Patreon searches for James Carvin
Note on YouTube and Google and searching for my name: Searching for my name on Patreon has recently unveiled something very disturbing. It is evident that my name has been flagged for suppression by Google and YouTube. This explains the shockingly low number of subscriptions. I am planning work-arounds, but apparently, somebody at Google or YouTube does not like me. As you may know, Google owns YouTube and the two companies share search algorithms. I am not sure why they flagged me for suppression but it has done much harm. My first guess is that somebody who works there doesn’t support the two party system and doesn’t want alternatives. I have supplied on this web site hundreds of suggested third party names and a history of third parties, creating a resource for those wishing to create a third party and end the two party system. There is much more than that on this web site and there is no reason my other material should not be found. In fact, I should be exceptionally easy to find. I own about thirty other domain names and have been active online since 1997. According to Web Trends, in July 2000, 5% of all Internet users saw my Ghostsurfers.com web site. In the days before Google and Facebook, my Internet presence was formidable. A simple search on a web site like Patreon should therefore find me easily. Unfortunately, since apparently Google or YouTube has flagged me, any third party site that uses a search plug-in like Patreon uses to search its own web site is finding the following results only and none of them is my Patreon Appeal page itself. Look at the picture on the right. Of all the pages to find using Google’s plug-in search tool, what did they find? Did they find my Patreon Appeal page? No. They found the definition page for the Anal Party – one of the hundreds of historical political party names I have listed at JamesCarvin.com. Not funny Google. And now you should fire the employee that did this.

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This country needs a Department of Common Sense
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