The Philosophy of James Carvin

  • Pamalogy – Poly Astronomically Maximized Awesomeology.
    • – Pamalogical Metaphysics – Maximized Awesomeness is that than which there could be nothing greater. Does this exist? The case:
      1. Must include all good things that could be conceived. This includes:
        • All ability, including the ability to make anything happen out of pure abstract possibility
        • All knowledge, including the the fullness of consideration of what would be morally good
        • Lack no good thing, including any good thing intrinsically related to evil things, so that those forms of goodness are included
        • The ability and knowledge of how to do this without evil
      2. Has the power, knowledge and imperative as pure possibility to realize 1 above. Must therefore be real
        • Since Maximized Awesomeness is real and evil does not really exist, the next metaphysical question is – how?
          • Perception of evil is a simulation?
          • Perception of evil presents opportunities to choose awesomeness as a being from another Universe?
      3. Since every possible good thing is real:
        • The goodness in every history with any good variation must exist. This requires a Multiverse with all variety. (It’s Poly Astronomical)
        • All goodness must always exist. This requires that all space-time continua of every Universe all belong to a continually realized oneness of perception.
    • – Pamalogical Axiology
      • Pamalogical Ethics: maximize personal and sociological awesomeness
      • Pamalogical Aesthetics: maximize awesomeness in arts and sciences
  • Economics
    • Capitalism and Socialism are both flawed.
      • The advantage of Capitalism is economic freedom, property rights, growth and a strong tax base. It’s weakness is social danger to those uninvolved in decision making – normative ethics.
      • The advantage of Socialism is normative ethics can override instrumental ethics. Its weakness is lack of incentive to work or build new enterprises and a large government workforce with an unsustainable tax basis.
    • A third paradigm is needed that would have the advantages but not the flaws.
      • The solution is incentivized asynalagonomies
      • Pamalonomies may be hybrid solutions between Capitalism and incentivized asynalagonomies. They are guilds.
      • Pamalonomies require no violent revolution. They can be started as websites and apps.
      • Networks of Pamalonomies can coordinate resources to form broad incentivized asynalagonomies once they have grown sufficiently.
  • Politics
    • When the Media, Intelligence, and Justice serve a hidden, unaccountable elite few, violence and intrigue destroy representative government. This is a very present danger. It must be our highest priority to end corruption in the government-media complex to restore government back to we the people.
    • Third political parties serve the purpose of expression. If they cannot gain power, they only serve to divide it.
  • Religion
    • Perfection is Maximized Awesomeness. Perfection does not change. It is Immutable because it lacks no good thing. Whereas, change suggests one form of goodness and then another that form lacked. All that could be good is included in divine Perfection. Therefore, God does not change, which means the Doing of God and the Being of God are one.
    • Perfection Perfects. Perfection is the result of Perfecting. Perfection Perfects Perfection. There is one Perfection with these three relations, eternally unchanging.
    • Perfection includes all that could be good. Imperfection can share portions of Perfection’s goodness. All that is imperfect is called to the holiness of Perfection, which is supplied by Perfection alone. There is nothing good outside of Perfection.