Spanish II

As a driver who does a lot of thinking, I do mental exercises to work out my brain, making it stronger. Gaining fluency in a second language is one such exercise. And it is very useful. In Spanish I, I listed the best free Spanish tutorials for beginners I could find, bearing in mind that a driver can listen but can’t watch. I circumvented the random Youtube suggestions by creating a single page drivers could bookmark so they could follow the links in order. If you have completed those links you are now at the intermediate level. You aren’t quite fluent yet. On this page we’ll do more of the same and by the time you finish the links below you will have achieved enough fluency to say definitively to anyone who asks, “yes, I speak Spanish.”

2.1: Sentence Grid Method: What was unfamiliar theory in Spanish I becomes natural in Spanish II as you repeat grids as you drive. You can’t look so listen carefully!

2.11: Link 1 – Start here for a great refresher and enjoy the warm up! It is a vocabulary builder in sequential lessons by ProSpanish. Lots of common idiomatic phrases are included. There are dozens of lessons strung together so you won’t have to hit any controls while you drive.

2.12: Link 2 – The ProSpanish grid method begins here. 60 Lessons are included. Covers all the most common grammatical constructions making them natural to use, remember and understand when listening.

Author: jamescarvin

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