Why is crime reduced in incentivized asynalagonomies?

The majority of crimes are related in some way to money or the things it can buy. Either the fear of the loss of it, the envy and covetousness or pride associated with it, or the illegal, immoral or unethical ways of obtaining it. Not every crime is caused by trade but a significant percentage of them are. There are also vices that would not exist if there was no profit motive behind selling them. There is no sex trade, slave trade or drug trade because there is no trade. No one kills anyone to obtain anything. Nobody robs banks. Their is nothing to spend. People get what they want and need not because they trade for it after gaining it by hook or by crook but because needs are acknowledged publicly through the HAND System as worthy of being obtainable so long as the privilege is earned through some form of public service. That service is not  a direct exchange between two people as in a trade and it is illegal to store things up for trade beyond privilege. Doing so is called hoarding and creates the risk of lost privilege, which is a very bad idea.

Author: jamescarvin

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