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A driver has been doing a lot of thinking. You should follow him …

Here’s a summary of some of the things I’ve been thinking about:

James Carvin takes a moment away from driving to visit a dying loved one on Independence Day.
James Carvin takes a moment away from driving to visit a dying loved one on Independence Day.

The HAND System: I’ve come up with a way to save the environment, make health care and education free, end homelessness, plan for growth, reduce racism and crime, increase research, end both personal and the national debt and much more, all without increasing taxes or robbing from the rich to feed the poor. The technical term for my solution is an incentivized asynalagonomy but you can call it “The Hand System” for short.Foundationism: What’s the opposite of religious fundamentalism? Theological foundationism. Fundamentalism bases truth on text. Foundationism bases text on truth. Are there certain truths we can all agree on before we peek at a tradition’s sacred texts? I think we should start there. This makes me a “foundationist.”

Hubble photo of a tiny dark patch revealing billions of galaxies
The Universe is shaped like a giant sponge of galaxies and it is expanding at an accelerating rate. James Carvin claims to know the cause of the big bang. Watch #SUPERPAPA to find out.

Cosmostrophy: The origins of the Universe are one thing. Ask a cosmologist. How spirituality and religion fits in – that’s cosmostrophy. It’s the layman’s reaction to scientific discovery about the cosmos. And when a layman is a foundationist, you’d be surprised what it can do for solving cosmological puzzles.Stromagesis and Theogesis: I don’t just interpret the Bible foundationally, I want to introduce two new terms to the realm of Biblical explanation. You’ve heard of exegesis. It interprets the Scriptures based on the best guess at its originally intended meaning. You’ve heard of eisegesis. It interprets based on a personal view point. Foundationism does that as a normal course. Does that make foundationism illegitimate? Then there is stromagesis. Stromagesis is layered interpretation. It allows for multiple valid interpretations. Think double and multiple entendre that doesn’t require the author’s original intent. Finally, there is theogesis. What really matters is not what we believe the text means. What matters is what God intends. What is God’s explanation? The point is that our methodologies are subordinate to it and we may not know the answer till we have a face to face encounter.

The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) - we have the prescription for America's healing.
The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) – we have the prescription for America’s healing.

The Restoration Party: The Restoration Party Manifesto is now complete and available for free at JamesCarvin.com. Just follow the menu. I believe America is doomed if it doesn’t break out of the two-party system. Both Democrats and Republicans are leading us to the slaughter. If you want to solve a problem, you have to measure it and take necessary steps if they are achievable. At this point it is almost too late. I have set forth a list of proposals that must all be implemented simultaneously if we are going to change this nation’s course in the next decade.  Please note that the HAND System is not what is proposed. The HAND System is a plan of restoration after the present two party system fails. The Restoration Party is my proposal for solving problems now in order to avert a forthcoming economic apocalypse.My Inventions: In 1997 I started working on the Ghost Machine. If you combine Bitcoin with Pokemon Go, but with edutainment, you’ve uncovered the first layer of the Ghost Machine app. But don’t let the name fool you. It isn’t a crypto-currency and won’t suffer the pit falls of Bitcoin. I’ve driven for Yellow Cab for years just to stay flexible while attempting to raise money

James Carvin
Your driver has arrived. Are you ready for excellence today?

for my ideas. Another invention of mine is the CabbyCam.  As a professional driver, I need an app that will track my mileage in a way that the IRS can accept without the threat of paying back taxes after an audit for lacking accurate documentation. Not one existing app does the job, even those that claim to be made with Uber drivers in mind. I’ve given over 14,00o Lyft and Uber rides. Just ask me why the other apps don’t work.Eighteen Wheeling: I moved to Tallahassee in 2014 to care for my sister, Corinne, and visit my closest brother, Chris, and they have both now passed so I am looking for the ideal place to move.  My wife suffered a stroke in 2004 and requires my daily attention so cross-country driving isn’t well suited for me but in order to get my training paid for I did take a one year contract with a well-known company. We both prefer warm weather so I’ll probably settle for a regional route that lands me in South Florida somewhere. Expect this video blog to offer some practical advice on the trucking business in the days ahead. After all, I am a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking. And the trucking community is exceptionally social. The CroMagnon Diet: When you’re on the road, you don’t want to lose your health.  As a trainer, I want to make sure my students take care of their health and come home fit to love their families energetically. A healthy diet and exercise will make them more alert and round out their lifestyle. Cro-magnon man was contemporary with Neanderthal. The CroMagnon Diet  combines the paleo diet philosophy with a set of high energy burst exercises I’ve come up with. The beauty of it is that they only take minutes a day and can be done in very confined spaces, even tractor cabins, while filling the tank with gas, without special equipment. The CroMagnon Diet  exercise regimen is designed to match what Cro-Magnon man probably did to ultimately defeat Neanderthal man and develop into modern homo sapiens, keeping in mind what likely approximates a daily cave and field routine, that likely involved hiding.

The Carvin family at Eden Road. The two oldest brothers are not pictured here.
The Carvin family at Eden Road. The two oldest brothers are not pictured here. Young James on the right in blue. Large families are wonderful but are they sustainable? The Quintillion Project seeks solutions.

The Quintillion Project: Not everyone believes we have a population explosion problem but one thing is certain. Managing population growth through war, disease, mandatory abortion, mandatory sterilization and the annihilation of the elderly and impoverished is less than ideal. At the current rate of population growth there will be a quintillion people on planet Earth by about the year 3820. That’s not even 70 generations. Imagine air pollution, water pollution, global warming and waste problems multiplied by a million what they are now. The Quintillion Project is about commitment to solutions to this pending problem for the human race. That is why I have a very intense interest in science and will be gathering together an online community of experts dedicated to solving this problem.The Jot and Tittle Project: One might not expect a Foundational Cosmostrophist to believe every mark and dot of Holy Writ will be fulfilled. After six years of post graduate studies in theology, I do have a masters degree in eschatology  though and  I love examining the Scriptures with great scrutiny and the learning never ends. As time allows and Lord willing, I’ll be devoting a section of this web site to the subject of prophecy. Whether you believe in it or not, this will be the place to examine the evidence from every angle. Light on the Path: You will find among my video blogs a number of lessons on prayer. Theology and prayer unite and the way that I worship as I drive is explained. I think it’s important to share this because I don’t just think while I drive. I pray. Chain Reactions: The above topics summarize pretty well what you’ll find here on this web site. At this point I’ve laid forth some basic teaching but it is now time for a shift to begin in my approach. About 70% or so of my future content will be uploaded as responses to videos and articles or blogs related to the above subjects as I find them on YouTube or elsewhere. Written articles are likely to be nice and appropriate at times, as well, but I am wise to the fact that this site and my YouTube channel will be most engaging if I come into contact with other vloggers

Happily It's Carvin - The More Colorful Marketing Man
Happily It’s Carvin – The More Colorful Marketing Man

and bloggers particularly. This should gradually normalize my content within the social stream.  There are few things more discouraging than posting content that nobody ever sees, as has been the case for the past few years. According to Web Trends, in July 2000 my Ghost Machine site reached 5% of all Internet users but the social media age has changed dramatically and I’ve been all but forgotten entirely. It’s time I took some measures to reverse that course by playing according to the new rules.We May Be Wrong: Along the lines of responding to other blogs and vlogs, I should mention that I support a blog called We May Be Wrong. It was started by my brother, Joseph W. Carvin. Joe is an author of several books. He received a very positive Kirkus Review recently on his book, Alemeth, which is about a boy who grew up on a plantation and found himself on the wrong side of the American Civil War. WeMayBeWrong.org  is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to promote civil discourse through the humble admission that we may be wrong. While I may have opinions on just about every subject, I find that his approach has proven useful in providing fair minded restraints in my dialog time and time again and I wholeheartedly urge your support for this organization.

With all that said, here are a few video samplings by topic …

Super Series


For Mother’s Day, I’m beginning a Super Series of videos. Using some super acronyms that will describe certain new concepts I’ll introduce. I’ll start here with a discussion of where artificial intelligence is heading. Imagine what quantum computing could do if it combined robotics with the ability to upgrade its own software and parts using its self designed ever improving AI …


What is more appropriate for Father’s Day than SUPER PAPA, the second in my Super Series!?! In this video I lay out the heart of my foundational cosmostrophy. There is a cause of all causes and its purpose is to maximize awesomeness. The acronym that describes it is SUPER PAPA. The comments below would be a great place to discuss why maximized awesomeness is inevitable. Subscribe to comment. Share with a friend!

Chris t MAS!

RIP Christopher Charles Carvin (5/17/56-11/10/17)
Since my brother Christopher Charles Carvin (5/17/56-11/10/17) passed this month, in future months I will be picking up on the last words I have of his on video – “Chris-mas.” This fits in to the Super Series, which I’ve decided to continue. The Super Series plays on acronyms that summarize my cosmostrophic foundationism. By following this series you will learn what it means when I say you are a Selectively United Portionally Ecstatic Realization Commuting History Resonating Infinite Sympathy – SUPERCHRIS. More importantly, the reason for this is SUPERCHRISTMAS – TO MAXIMIZE AWESOMENESS SILLY! Other points to note – Resonation is your part in Reverberation. Infinite is an Ideal that Imagination Indicates. Sympathy is a Symphony of Beauty in Love that must be considered apophatically. And then there is “Supertransentience” and that’s not silly, Silly. It takes human sentience and adds something transcendant, something super, something awesome, something unlimited. More on that in future Super Series videos. Chris Mas!

The HAND System

The Quintillion Project

With the world’s population growing at a compound rate of 1.11% a year, the population is doubling every 62.8 years, which means a three digit increase in the population ever 628 years. We don’t have long to solve what doesn’t quite feel like a problem yet but we’d better get started. We can do it the nice way. Or we can suffer the consequences of ignoring the problem. Carvin’s solution is to dedicate research to learn to create inhabitable planets out of nothing throughout the Universe rather than explore distant galaxies and have wars and other dystopian circumstances on earth. A secondary piece of advise offered is to utilize the Human Availability and Needs Database System (HANDS) in order to solve the health care crisis, save the environment, reduce crime, end poverty, maximize awesomeness and turn around ailing nations like Venezuela. It is a better form of management.

Introduction to Incentivized Asynalagonomy

The HAND System is a nuanced economic system that promises to end economic struggle, increase efficiency, provide free education and health care, protect the environment, end all debt, both private and national, reduce racism and crime, protect our national interests and do so without steeling from the rich and giving to the poor. It is a system that is distinct from capitalism, socialism or communism. This video quickly inventories through some of its features for the benefit of those who wish to examine its structural dynamics.

James Carvin

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About James

An Uber driver has been doing a lot of thinking while alone in the car. He ran for president in 2016. He wants to start a new political party. He is an inventor who wants to build something he calls “the Ǥhost Machine.”He’s got a contraption he wants to build called the CabbyCam. He invented an entirely different economic system called, “incentivized asynalagonomy.” As you follow the links on this page you’ll learn what all this is about. He observes that communism, socialism and capitalism have all failed. Is there a fourth alternative?

Four economic paradigms contrasted
An incentivized asynalagonomy is a resource based economy with ownership and incentives to work.

“The zeitgeist movement and the resource based utopias are dreams for hippies,” he says.

“Countries that embrace incentivized asynalagonomy will end most crime, solve the health care crisis, bring unemployment to zero percent, end inflation, reduce war and produce more abundance, equality and justice.”

His name is James Carvin. If you want to help support James in any of these endeavors, consider buying one of his top hats or help him organize a non-profit. Many hands make light work. And what is this man doing driving an Uber? Put a top hat on and rise to the challenge! This web site is for leaders. 

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