The Restoration Party

The Restoration Party Mascot is the Dolphin
The Restoration Party Mascot is the Dolphin

James Carvin is the founder of the Restoration Party and a write-in candidate for president 2016. The values of the Restoration Party are government at service, protection from corruption, true representation, deliverance from debt, just and cautious foreign policy, balanced federalism, prudent immigration, environmental responsibility, incentivized social welfare, intelligent planning, practical education, equality among citizens, recovery for the downtrodden, civil freedom and care for the whole life of all for maximized awesomeness and abundance.

James Carvin passionately embraces these values and in this web site, among other things about James, you will find answers to how this new party will be formed, why it is essential, why it stands to gain popular support and what strategies will be implemented that will make it effective. The personal opinions of James Carvin transcend the Restoration Party. You will find in these pages certain visionary ideas also embraced by James Carvin that will not be expected of Restoration Party members. Great care will be taken here to continually note which is which.

Values are easy to state but implementation and change are challenging. Still, nothing is impossible for people who care. It is time to end the two-party system. It is utterly corrupt and ineffective. Change can only happen if you help. Griping accomplishes nothing. If you want change, you must take action. Be part of the solution. Support the Restoration Party.

  • The Restoration Party will restore the government to the American people by delivering it from corruption.
  • The Restoration Party will restore liberty to the American people by freeing them from the tyranny of oligarchical powers, plutocracies and technocratic media.
  • The Restoration Party will restore freedom to the 99% by bringing back power to the American dollar reversing inflation and usurious lending.
  • The Restoration Party will restore sanity to the American people by ending an ineffective two party system that serves the few while spending goes unchecked.
  • The Restoration Party will restore responsibility and accountability to government by limiting its size and indexing its pay and benefits to that of the private sector average so that it must perform for the prosperity of us all and do so transparently.
  • The Restoration Party will restore political representation to the American people so that ours is a government of the people, for the people and by the people through electoral reform.
  • The Restoration Party will restore our country to a peaceful foreign policy by admitting our failure and moving forward with reforms of constitutional law that end corruption and serve as models for other nations.
  • The Restoration Party will restore economic equality to the American people by narrowing the gap between rich and poor and by providing fail-safe measures to lift up the poor from their helplessness to end poverty, hunger and homelessness once and for all.
  • The Restoration Party will restore justice to the oppressed classes by making reparations for historical crimes, seeking to restore lost lands to Native Americans and working with and establishing new foundations to assist the descendants of slaves through education and social security reforms.
  • The Restoration Party will restore fiscal responsibility by its dedication to ending the national debt and other hidden and potential unsustainable programs and debts created in the ineffectiveness of the two party system which threaten the stability of our nation.
  • The Restoration Party will restore individual freedom and security by eliminating systemic debt traps and replacing them with catalystic social ecosystems.

These are the core values of the Restoration Party. To put it briefly: Personal liberty. Freedom from debt, from tyranny and corruption, living with each other as equals, not in judgment, humbly delivered from oppression, more fully human and with hope for a sane and actually quite awesome future for all. It will require putting an end to the ineffective two party system.

Presently, as an independent write-in candidate, among many essential reforms, there are three top priority initiatives James Carvin will seek to implement:

  1. The elimination of the Twenty Trillion dollar National Debt without increasing taxes.
  2. Term limits for Congress to end career politics that breeds corruption.
  3. Pay for  government workers that is indexed to the average American income.

What is a “Wasted vote?”

There are many ways to take action. Here is a brief list.
There are many ways to take action. Here is a brief list.

Did you know that a vote for a write-in candidate is more effective than voting for a Republican or a Democrat that has a greater chance of being elected? If you don’t want your vote to “go to waste” then vote for a write-in candidate that you believe in and it will definitely count. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  1. No candidate has ever won an election by one vote so your vote already doesn’t count other than to represent what you believe. Do you really believe in the same old corrupt twisted party politics of either the Democrat or Republican party?
  2. Voting for a write-in candidate is far more effective than staying home to object when you don’t like either the Republican or Democrat candidate. There are many write-ins to choose from. James Carvin is an excellent choice. The odds a candidate has of winning should not be a factor when considering.
  3. When you vote for a write-in you make a statement that assists in a grass-roots movement that creates gradual change. It may not make a difference in the current election cycle but it makes people pay attention and allows  Democracy to work the way it is supposed to.

Now if you believe in the values of the Green Party, or the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party, by all means, vote for their nominees. But please do not vote for any of them just because you think that your one vote will help get that person elected because they have a better chance of winning this election cycle. Thinking that any other vote is a “wasted vote” is certainly very common but pure nonsense when it comes to sound reason. The only truly “wasted vote” is the one that does not actually represent what you believe. A vote in itself is just a symbol that honors those who have paid the price for your liberty. It is a national pass time that expresses patriotism very poignantly. It never controls the outcome of an election. Hypothetically it could. But then, hypothetically, the same person could win the lottery ten times in a row. Why not just give all your money to your state lottery and buy a politician with the proceeds?

Just a joke. Please don’t do that.

If you write in James Carvin November 8th for President, you are honoring our veterans and those we remember. Do this only if James Carvin represents your own beliefs and values. You believe that the values James Carvin holds are values that you also affirm. Since in the current election cycle the Restoration Party doesn’t exist yet, this web site is here to outline the values of James Carvin. It is not the Restoration Party web site. It is the James Carvin web site.

Why James Carvin is Running for President

There was never any belief that James Carvin would get elected. James never thought it. His supporters never thought it. In fact, no money was ever even collected for James Carvin’s campaign. So why James Carvin? Because of the Restoration Party.

Amos Tuck, founder of the Republican Party
Amos Tuck, founder of the Republican Party

Every political party has its founders and icons but successful political parties are not personality cults. The majority of American citizens wouldn’t be able to tell you who started the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Political parties are mechanisms whereby the electoral process can work more effectively through the power of institutions mobilized for action. Celebrity figureheads arise from within the party after they have become presidents. The founders, as important though their role may be, remain relatively unknown. There is also some considerable lag time between the formation of the party itself and any presence it may ever have in a national election. Add that to the time from the founding ideas and its official formation.

As an example, the Republican Party was officially formed March 20, 1854 when thousands of anti-slavery abolitionists came together in agreement in Wisconsin. Two years later, John C. Fremont was its first presidential candidate. He won in eleven states, all northern. Most Americans only remember Abraham Lincoln, who was not elected until 1860. Its most acknowledged founder, Amos Tuck, called together what would become the core supporters for the Republican Party in 1845. If that could be called the beginning, you see there were fifteen years between the founding of the party, which was not yet formalized and the formidable party the GOP became.

A political party does not start all of a sudden. It starts with white papers and studies working in real time. It requires a core set of beliefs that is important to a majority of people. The white papers must convincingly make the case that none of the existing political parties will be able to embrace the changes an anticipated future voter base will call for. Presently, the two dominating political parties are entrenched in the corruption they depend on for survival. This is the guarantee that the Restoration Party has that these parties cannot simply use the anti-corruption measures of the Restoration Party to rally either Democrats or Republicans together for a new purpose. They depend first and foremost on the First-Past-The-Post system of pluralistic voting to maintain their hegemony. The Restoration Party will seek to replace the very frustrating FPTP system with range voting. Constitutional reform that replaces a system that does not actually represent what the American people really want is both consistent with the expressed intention of the founding fathers in the preamble to the Constitution of a government by and for the people, and something that Democrats and Republics will never tolerate. For the Restoration Party, more effective voting that represents the people is our essential reason for being. And we are doing this for two reasons: 1)to end corruption and 2)to honor our veterans and our fallen. In other words, we are doing this for the right reasons.

It is for this reason, that the Restoration Party platform is destined for growth. It is not a short term plan. It is the beginning of a better America.

James Carvin is a political independent and a pragmatist. His run for presidency is a method of bringing his ideas to the stage to talk about them. The Restoration Party is not all that matters to James, who separates his other long term visions and passions from those of the Party so that the Party can enjoy the diversity it will need for success. His 2016 run for President of the United States as a political independent allows him to clarify his positions on all matters, not just define those of the Restoration Party he seeks to create.

I am a man of very deep faith but the party embraces all faiths.
I am a man who is deeply concerned about the environment but the party is not the Green Party and its views on the environment are broad.
I am a man who is wholeheartedly pro-life but the party is not pro-life. I’m not even going to insist on informed choice, even if I think it is insanely immoral to ignore it.
I am the man who invented incentivized asynalagonomy but the party is not about any radical change in economic paradigms.
I am a man who believes Jesus will one day come and rule on the earth as king but the party couldn’t be farther from having any interest in any theocracy.
On a spiritual level, I question the legitimacy of same sex matrimony just as I do adultery because I don’t ignore the Judeo-Christian spiritual tradition but on a party level I believe in the complete separation of church and state. The state has no right to tell the church what to believe. The church has no right to tell the state what to believe. And by the way, that is precisely why I have always supported equal rights for the gay community and have never opposed gay marriage even as a Christian.
Those are the difference between me and the party
–  James Carvin

Incentivized Asynalagonomy

James Carvin’s prophetic warning concerning America’s national debt crisis proposes a two sided solution – one solution if the American people rally on time (Solution A); another solution if they don’t (Solution B). In chapter two of the The Restoration Party Manifesto he provides the solution for eliminating the entire twenty trillion dollar national debt in a single day without raising income taxes (Solution A). The solution involves a tremendous sudden transfer of wealth that immediately decreases the gap between the rich and poor while simultaneously strengthening the U.S. dollar and creating a deflationary environment that increases the standard of living of the poor while eliminating their personal debt. Solution A is not a measure the Restoration Party is required to embrace. It is a radical measure that is needed to counter a radical problem. Mr. Carvin predicts that if the national debt is not eliminated immediately, by this or some other effective measure, an economic crisis will result that will not just reverse domestic growth but literally shut down all U.S. government operations within sixteen years.

U.S. Federal Debt by President
U.S. Federal Debt by President

Because it will take a number of years to rally the Restoration Party and his own voice is not trumpeted by corporate media, Solution B will probably have to be implemented in order to restore the American government after a complete and total shut down of all operations on account of insufficient funds. James Carvin’s solution is incentivized asynalagonomy, which he invented in 1982. He does not require the Restoration Party to embrace incentivized asynalagonomy since it requires a total shift in economic paradigms that might be considered radical. He is seeking a smaller base of supporters to prepare for Solution B through preparation of turn-key templates for Constitutional reform that will accommodate such a restoration through Solution B from the type of apocalyptic collapse he predicts.

Where the Restoration Party falls along the political spectrum compared to other parties.
Where the Restoration Party falls along the political spectrum compared to other parties.

James Carvin’s own economic views are left of center with moral views partly to the left and partly to the right. He envisions the Restoration Party as being closer to the center on the scale of liberty versus authority than the Libertarian Party and leaning toward equality on the scale of equality versus aristocracy.

James Carvin is farther to the left on economic equality than the he expects the Restoration Party to be. Incentivized asynalagonomy is not as far to the left as socialism or communism. It has elements of planning that require authoritarian control but that authority is handed over to the people through a management system called the Human Availability and Needs Database System.

Inventor and Theologian

James Carvin is an entrepreneur, inventor, social philosopher and theologian. He is neither on the Christian left nor the Christian right. He is a lifelong supporter of gay rights and supports the legalization of marijuana and related canabinoids for  both recreational use, medical use and sale. His belief in balanced Federalism considers state rights to self rule but also considers problems associated with it. Regulating canabinoids on a Federal level impinges on state rights and serves no purpose. Legalization of same sex marriage on the Federal level allows states to decide but allowing states to decide creates potential problems with marital recognition in other states. Balanced Federalism asks what the practical effects are in any given situation.  It is always the Federation that serves the states. Federal Law is called for when the will of one state might impinge on another. The same works on the local versus state level.

James Carvin is pro-life and whole-life. His pro-life views are grounded in his foundational cosmostrophy, not in the Christian right. Very few Christians are familiar with foundational cosmostrophy, though it is a breakthrough for theological insight.  He has little expectation that any significant majority will agree with him even if they are able to understand him.

When it comes to social and moral norms for misbehavior and sin, Mr. Carvin’s whole life view let’s mercy triumph over judgment. Capital punishment is unmerciful. Euthanasia, by contrast, may well be merciful on many levels, but the value of life is hard to fathom. Certainly the power to choose adds to life’s value. Moral freedom is thus good policy. But then again, if a lifetime of choices are at stake, so is the prohibition of abortion.

Women’s health is also a consideration. As an individual, not as the Restoration Party, Mr. Carvin would seek to separate abortion from reproductive healthcare so that only non-abortion providers could receive government funding. On health care as a whole, James Carvin is opposed to national healthcare but not laws requiring local healthcare to be provided with minimal cost to the poor. These lower costs would be funded with higher taxes on health care product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, royalty recipients and  insurance companies.

James Carvin is an inventor and entrepreneur who would find creative ways to finance health care to hold greedy product and service suppliers in check while providing better health care services for all. Following the money trail leads to health care and big pharma lobbyists. Addressing systemic problems would help reduce costs and make health care affordable. Subsidies would be directed away from abortion providers and towards those who service the poor at minimal cost.

Mr. Carvin is the inventor of the Ghost Machine and of the CabbyCam.

Radiant Inspiration

If you want world peace, what you need is inspiration.
If you want world peace, what you need is inspiration.

What this world needs right now is inspiration so radiant that weary people see it and recognize it instantly. Do you want world peace? You need to shine the light of goodness so brightly that no one can miss it. The reason bad religion is so prevalent in this world is we have allowed ourselves to get sucked into the low expectations of the oppressive systems that are robbing us of our childhood hope for a better world. People choose bad religion because good religion and spirituality lacks humanity. They’ve never seen the alternative. People respect human life when you show them how. There is only one way to learn – through example. You cannot bomb problems away. There is no on and off switch for the cycle of destruction caused by violence. Violence sends out a clear message that life has no value. If you want to teach people that life has no value, send bombs and bullets. The destruction reaches more eyes and ears than your enemies. This is why only absolutely necessary wars must be fought. Violence is a last resort. Preemptive defense must be absolutely necessary when implemented.

It is time to show the world your awesomeness. Find it in your home. Find it at your school. Find it in your career. Find it among your friends. Live it in your place of worship. Don’t get sucked into the mundane. If oppressive situations keep pushing you down, don’t give up. Look for a way out or a way to be strong and stand up in it like a champion. If you fail one day, get up the next. If you fail ten, get up twenty. You were not made for defeat. You can rise up as an agent of peace, of kindness, of thoughtfulness, of generosity, and of awesomeness. Seek out your place to be awesome. You will find it. And when you find it, look for ways to multiply it. You can!



10/20/16 – I was interviewed yesterday by the Tallahassee Democrat as the novel Uber driver that is running for president. During the interview, I was informed that my name, for some reason, was not listed as an official write-in candidate. Please be aware that I have conducted my campaign in good faith and that I did file but that the system somehow failed to recognize me. I sometimes joke about my theory that I am the “ghost of an aborted fetus.” I am looking into possible causes. Campaigning has been fun and interesting but I do need to make sure you are aware that a vote for me will literally not be counted. Then again, unless you are in a swing district in a swing state, then your vote already doesn’t count, and I have made no pretensions to anyone that their vote for me might change the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Your vote already not counting is actually one of the many reasons why you should support the Better Voting Systems Act and the other major acts of the Restoration Party, so as I see it, it is merely poetic that votes for me literally won’t be counted in this election. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the fact that the system itself is broken. On that note, my goal has been to gain some attention in order to gather together a network of supporters for the Restoration Party for the 2018 local elections in as many cities and states as possible so we can put the Restoration Party on the map and restore American government back to the people and out of the hands of the elite few. Further, my savvy supporters already know that however many votes I do receive, it won’t make any change in the election outcome one way or another. Not counting my votes won’t make any difference.

10/21 Interview with James Carvin and Jeff Berlow of the Tallahassee Democrat, Uber Driver Running for President
10/19 Interview with James Carvin and Jeff Burlew of the Tallahassee Democrat, Uber Driver Running for President

I want to be completely transparent so let’s look at my campaign finance, as well. Here is the summary. I collected zero dollars and had a self-funded campaign. I purchased 2,250 business cards. On the back of the cards I put free ride codes and received some income as an Uber affiliate from those cards. Nobody has lost anything from my campaign except me and I didn’t lose much. Since I was entirely self-funded, I had a very modest campaign, yet as I see it, a completely successful one. Just be aware that my votes won’t be counted. Here are the results. A large percentage of those I’ve handed cards to have verbally stated they would support me and they like my proposals. To me, that is what matters. There is a lot to convince people of in a short conversation no longer than an average Uber ride. People tend to have strong ideas about their political views coming into the subject matter, so much so that it is considered taboo to even bring up politics, especially as a professional driver. My top hat typically opens up a conversation because people ask about it. I’ve maintained good ratings despite hundreds of political conversations. That in itself is an affirmation of what the Restoration Party stands for. By my informal count, I’ve passed out about 900 of my cards so far and received verbal affirmations from approximately 200 of those I’ve spoken with to the effect that they intend to vote for me. In business, we call this a lean canvass. We would say that my idea has been validated. That is to say, my informal initial focus group on the Restoration Party platform indicates to me that people are already Restorationists. I have had overwhelming support for both my candidacy and the Restoration Party platform.

All that said, the Restoration Party does not yet exist and this is something else I am obligated to make sure you are aware of. As I explained to the Tallahassee Democrat, we haven’t yet incorporated as a political party. There is much work to do in terms of organization. As I ask many of the students who enter my Uber here around the FSU campus, what is your vision for changing the world? I have the prescription for our nation’s healing. The Tallahassee Democrat interviewer kept asking whether I was crazy. What is crazy? Continuing to support a failing two party system? Ignoring corruption? Ignoring a twenty trillion dollar deficit that keeps doubling every ten years and we haven’t made the first mortgage payment on it? Supporting a system that brings us the likes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Thinking our one vote can actually make change to this obviously broken system? That’s crazy. Me. I’m quite sane, proposing the only actual solutions to our nation’s problems. Those who have heard what I’ve said and agreed are the only sane ones I see in this picture. My lean canvass as an Uber driver running for president has shown me that there are a lot of quite sane Americans. What is insane is doing the same thing we have always done and expecting change and my riders seem to agree. The only change we will see is a downward spiral that results in an economic apocalypse because nobody knew about the little Uber driver who provided the prescription for America’s healing. As I told the Tallahassee Democrat, I’ve anticipated being ignored and included in chapter eight of The Restoration Party Manifesto my solution for how to pick up the pieces after the economic collapse that will take place very soon. Let’s not let it get that far. Time is short but it hasn’t run out completely. Help me help America by supporting the Restoration Party in every city across America for the 2018 election cycle and supporting the five Acts outlined in chapter three, the Neutral Tax (chapter five), Neutral Health (chapter six), and the Military Repentance Act (chapter seven).

Third and Final Debate

10/20/16 – Here is a video summarizing my thoughts on last night’s third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

WRITE ME IN November 8th!

10/20/16 – Update: The election is getting close. Please write in the name James Carvin on November 8th for President of the United States. Be aware that if you are not in a swing district in a swing state, (which is more than 95% of America) your vote already can’t tilt the balance in this election. That should bother you. To change it, you should support the Better Voting Systems Act that is being initiated by the Restoration Party as we get this party started and if you want to get this party started, why not cast a vote for James Carvin, the party’s founder?!!. Register your support of what I stand for by writing in my name on November 8th. The news may not treat me seriously but you can. I have a sense of humor but I am the real deal and these are very serious issues. No candidate but me has the prescription for America’s healing.