The Restoration Party

The Restoration Party Mascot is the Dolphin
The Restoration Party Mascot is the Dolphin

James Carvin is the founder of the Restoration Party and a write-in candidate for president 2016. The values of the Restoration Party are government at service, protection from corruption, deliverance from debt, just and cautious foreign policy, balanced federalism, prudent immigration, environmental responsibility, incentivized social welfare, intelligent planning, practical education, equality among citizens, recovery for the downtrodden, civil freedom, a consistent ethic of life and maximized awesomeness and abundance.


Values are easy to state but implementation and change are challenging. Still, nothing is impossible for people who care. It is time to end the two-party system. It is utterly corrupt and ineffective. Change can only happen if you help. Griping accomplishes nothing. If you want change, you must take action. Be part of the solution. Support the Restoration Party.


There are three top priority initiatives James Carvin will seek to implement through the Restoration Party whether elected President or not:


  1. The elimination of the Twenty Trillion dollar National Debt without increasing taxes.
  2. Term limits for Congress to end career politics that breeds corruption.
  3. Pay for  government workers that is indexed to the average American income.


There are many ways to take action. Here is a brief list.
There are many ways to take action. Here is a brief list.

Did you know that a vote for a write-in candidate is more effective than voting for a Republican or a Democrat that has a greater chance of being elected? If you don’t want your vote to “go to waste” then vote for a write-in candidate that you believe in and it will definitely count. Here are just a few of the reasons:


  1. No candidate has ever won an election by one vote so your vote already doesn’t count other than to represent what you believe. Do you really believe in the same old corrupt twisted party politics of either the Democrat or Republican party?
  2. Voting for a write-in candidate is far more effective than staying home to object when you don’t like either the Republican or Democrat candidate. There are many write-ins to choose from. James Carvin is an excellent choice. The odds a candidate has of winning should not be a factor when considering.
  3. When you vote for a write-in you make a statement that assists in a grass-roots movement that creates gradual change. It may not make a difference in the current election cycle but it makes people pay attention and allows  Democracy to work the way it is supposed to.


Radiant Inspiration

What this world needs right now is inspiration so radiant that weary people see it and recognize it instantly. Do you want world peace? You need to shine the light of goodness so brightly that no one can miss it. The reason bad religion is so prevalent in this world is we have allowed ourselves to get sucked into the low expectations of the oppressive systems that are robbing us of our childhood hope for a better world. People choose bad religion because good religion and spirituality lacks humanity. They’ve never seen the alternative. People respect human life when

If you want world peace, what you need is inspiration.
If you want world peace, what you need is inspiration.

you show them how. There is only one way to learn – through example. You cannot bomb problems away. There is no on and off switch for the cycle of destruction caused by violence. Violence sends out a clear message that life has no value. If you want to teach people that life has no value, send bombs and bullets. The destruction reaches more eyes and ears than your enemies. This is why only absolutely necessary wars must be fought. Violence is a last resort. Preemptive defense must be absolutely necessary when implemented.


It is time to show the world your awesomeness. Find it in your home. Find it at your school. Find it in your career. Find it among your friends. Live it in your place of worship. Don’t get sucked into the mundane. If oppressive situations keep pushing you down, don’t give up. Look for a way out or a way to be strong and stand up in it like a champion. If you fail one day, get up the next. If you fail ten, get up twenty. You were not made for defeat. You can rise up as an agent of peace, of kindness, of thoughtfulness, of generosity, and of awesomeness. Seek out your place to be awesome. You will find it. And when you find it, look for ways to multiply it. You can!