About James Carvin

I’m a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking. Follow me …

Domains of thought:

I own many domain names … to take action – start something.

I envision an enterprise. I envision people joining me and helping out – with talent, with money, with commitment – willing and capable friends and acquaintances coming together who see something close to what I see. People who want to make it happen. I’ve considered my purpose in life – my faith, inventions, political realities. This is what I want to create.

I don’t buy names to hold onto them and sell them. Let’s look…

The News

Several of my domains relate to the news. I’d like to create a news platform that let’s people hear multiple sides of every story – fair and balanced through format – not one side outshouting another or censoring the other side by hogging the mic or casting insults.

SubSet News Header
SubSet News – all the news, categorized, and deeper

SubsetNews.com – Taxonomically organized niche news sites of every category and subcategory conceivable. Easy to search by subject, date, people, places and various factors of relevance.

SubNet News Header
SubNet News – every side in greater detail

SubnetNews.com – The news underneath the news. Looks deeper. Discovers more. Fact checks everything. Emphasizes freedom for buried and suppressed voices – think freedom of speech.  No voice goes censored but formatting allows contrarians to rebut assertions without interruption.

Equal Vois Header
Equal Vois – making your mouse roar

EqualVois.com – Emphasizes independent and minority view opinion over partisan dominant views. Allows any individual or small organization with an independent political opinion to be promoted through the platform in order to level the playing field with the highly funded.

Vois Logo
Vois Technologies Logo.

GetAVois.com – Combines Vois products with Vois news and independent voice aspirations, creating a marketing platform for Vois Products as a sponsor of the news and individual promotion that leads to free web individual Voice platforms like Vois.Space, VoisTube.com, Vois.Press and VoisBuzz.
VoisTube sign
VoisTube.com insignia

VoisTube.com  – an alternative to YouTube that allows freedom of speech. Note that this does not mean that promotion of violence or other illegal activity or incitement will be tolerated. VoisTube features easy uploads and subsequent multi-track editing from the web. It is driven by the VoisRider app. See VoisRider.com below.
Enter Political Wager Here
Enter Your Political Wager Here

PoliticalWager.com  – a place to place bets on outcomes of political events and conditions as well as promote independent or partisan thought. Invite as many as you want to play. House determines the winner and reports it as news. You could be famous. Have an outrageous wager? Make it!
Supermarket Green News Logo

SuperMarketGreenNews.com – definitive news source for analysis of the food chains worldwide from production and distribution to the dinner table.  Provides any news related to improvement of health and environment. Looks for the day when it is no longer necessary to read labels on food products to know affordable food is nutritious and lacks ingredients detrimental to health. Aggregates from all related sources and feeds into GreenTechNews.org as a core news source. All James Carvin domains are politically neutral and provide news from every perspective.
Green Tech News Logo
Green Tech News Logo

GreenTechNews.org – full analysis of environmental concerns and emerging technologies with views from all sides presented without bias. This is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to provide all related news without bias through aggregation and original content creation for the benefit of investors, consumers and activists of any political view. Emphasis is on innovation and long term solutions to world population growth and economic challenges. It provides a fair voice for examination of man made climate change and serves to check facts by every means possible.
Hatred Index

HatredIndex.com – full analysis of hatred with a view to indexing based on a fair system for determining quantifiable numbers useful for an unbiased measure of racial, religious and political hate based on a consistent set of parameters. It includes room for formatted debate without censorship so that all perspectives are considered. Ultimately, it will be the most useful measure of hatred chronologically that can reasonably be determined, making it the definitive resource for those interested in the increase or decrease in racial, political, national or religious hate from period to period.
VoisBuzz Logo
Vois.Buzz Logo

Vois.Buzz – The best source for uncensored moderate and independent opinion.  See also VoisBuzz.com. This is not a right leaning publication. Neither is it a left leaning one. It is both leaning. And it doesn’t exclude independent opinion. Got a hot topic. Tired of bias? Passionate about the news? Got something new? Bring it here. We love your contributions. Vois.Buzz is all about getting your voice out where you can make a difference. Only … so will your opponents.
Vois Logo
Vois Technologies Logo.

Vois.Press – Summary of trending news on Vois.Buzz, Vois.Space and other Vois domains. It’s the front page of Vois.
Vois.Space – Web hosting space for those who wish to promote ideas with tools for creating web sites easily to organize their Vois tools and get a Vois.
The dolphin with seven stars is the Visionary Party mascot

VisionaryParty.Us – A new third political party is needed because the existing party system is tied to the deep state and an industrial military complex that is dooming the American people to failure. Uses the Vois apparati to overcome media monopolies and gain attention. The values of the Visionary Party are what every American desperately cries for – a prosperous nation with opportunity for all in a safe world with less hate. The majority of Americans are independent. It is time they had a voice and a party to support their views.
James Carvin, founder of MaximizedAwesomeness.com

MaximizedAwesomeness.com – An inspirational and entertainment oriented stream of videos and articles quickly promoting the best of in every category. Vois is the backbone. Maximized Awesomeness is the heart. 
This is not cowabunga awesomeness. It is the best of. Let the cream rise to the top. It deserves to be shown. It’s what you come here for. 
James Carvin is a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking. News is just one thing to think about. There are inventions. There is philosophy. There are ideas. There is faith. By building a news empire, perhaps it will be possible to also bring some of these other visions to the masses. Ideas are best shared. 
Hands Free Voice Command Products

A driver who does a lot of thinking wants to drive safely. That means hands-free operation of telecommunications equipment. What started out as the CabbyCam system for Rideshare and Taxi drivers has now become the Vois System and Vois Products line up for truck drivers too, as well as fleets.

CabbyCam.com – everything from hands free mileage tracking to voice command dash cam and in-vehicle studio recording with live karaoke and passenger office suite access for ride-share passenger entertainment and convenience.

VoisMax.com – the full suite of Vois products for ride-share drivers, taxi drivers and fleets. Allows the maximum entertainment and convenience experience for passengers and drivers.
VoisRide.com – A promotional summary page that is all about the Vois Rider app and promotes the best of VoisRider uploads and trending videos. See VoisRider.com
VoisFleet.com – The fleet app site concentrates on the needs of fleets to track their drivers and vehicles in live time and look up location histories, to reduce accidents and costs, to maintain equipment, to track expenses and maximize their return on investment using the Vois Fleet apps. It handles all technical development news and introduces new products to the market, such as those planned for truck drivers and their fleets. 
VoisRider.com – The Vois Rider market niche broadens the scope of the Voistec driver outreach by connecting drivers to passengers and passenger experiences to VoisTube through easily generated and edited multi-track uploads to social media.
VoisDoc.com – Allows passengers to charge their phones and equipment and provides equipment owners with a security monitoring system for their portable equipment that is docked in their vehicles.
VoisProducts.com – A web site for the employment side of Vois Products Inc. and shareholders.
VoisTec.com – For conveying the technical side of Vois products and related news and for handling returns and warranties.
Ghost Machine

James Carvin has been planning to develop the Ghost Machine app since 1998, when he first incorporated Ghostsurfers Intl.  His idea was so far ahead of its time he had to introduce it in stages. The history of this deserves its own page. Suffice it to say here that the  Ghost Machine app is still on his bucket list. To summarize it in short, it is like combining Pokemon Go with Bitcoin except the Pokemon are people and the Bitcoin are not dangerous crypto-currencies but in-network rewards so they don’t have the same legal problems Bitcoin has had. To mine for Ghost Bucks users of the app hunt for ghosts (historical people). They can then redeem them in the places of business that host “Ghost Hours.” 

GhostHour.com – The essence of the Ghost Machine app is to hunt for ghosts during ghost hours provided by ghost hosts. Ghosts only appear in places of business during designated “ghost hours.” Finding ghosts and gaining their energy converts to Ghost Bucks using the Ghost Bucks Formula. All participating ghost hosts must redeem ghost bucks or accept them as a form of payment. The Ghost Buck is backed by the value of customers per designated hour as determined by the willingness of ghost hosts to pay for them. The Ghost Bucks Formula is set up as a Charity Fund Raiser app. So you can raise funds for your favorite charities by hunting for ghosts and the more you give the more Ghost Bucks you get. You can then choose to keep them, redeem them or contribute them. To trade them you have to become a ghost host.

GhostSurfers.com – The original 1998 site for phantom shoppers on the Internet. This became a scam busting site that rated web sites as a people driven search engine. Think of it as Yelp for web sites. The goal was to share half of ad revenue with active users who provided quality feedback with a system of rating raters. Free web sites and tools were also available through the site and that helped build traffic to 105th most visited web site world wide among women in June 2000 and reach 5% of all Internet users. 
ECatacombs.com – Along with alternate spelling – E-Catacombs.com, this site is the underside of the Ghost Machine app’s GPS (Ghost Positioning System). It allows users to enjoy an underground virtual reality game hunting ghosts, and the possibility of gaining or losing their energy in a sometimes hostile environment through an unending network of virtual underground catacombs attached to graveyards and other real catacombs and caves from whence physical world ghost hunting takes place.

Each remaining domain has its own story and some are for sale as I have no plan for them.

Crowd Funding
SouthFloridaCrowdFunding.org – South Florida is interested in gaining a reputation as a tech hub. I was willing to set up a Non Profit Organization whose mission it would be to offer a launching platform for Crowd Funding projects. I spent time analyzing business plans and assisting with crowd funding projects in the hope that I would eventually meet the team members for my Vois projects and the Ghost Machine. I met some fascinating entrepreneurs but not my dream team. My efforts had to come to a close when I moved to Tallahassee to care for my now deceased sister. I still see the effort as an ideal model for growing tech hubs by region so I’ve hung on to the domain.  
– Ride Share
RentMyUsedCar.com – Before there was any such thing as Uber or Lyft, I was seeking to develop an app to make renting a car cheaper and making money with a used car possible. It is added to a list of domains I wish I could have developed but can’t without help.  Instant message me if interested in buying this domain for just $200. 
– Advertising
UltraPrequalified.com – One of the monetary drivers for the Ghost Machine and for the various news sites is the matching of user preferences and history with relevant advertisements. When a rider app or a ghost hunting app involves both a known place of business and a time and live location along with a history for a targetable customer, the value of ad placement can’t get any higher.  I’m holding onto the domain with the expectation of building a platform where this scenario is realized.
SaveULater.com – This is a couponing feature within the Ghost Machine app. Purchase in advance through the app to enjoy discounts at places of business where you plan to hunt for ghosts. Invite friends to hunt with using the social networking features of the app for additional savings. The Ghost Machine app is full of contraptions and gizmos in the style and feel of GhostBusters and points to what I call “the underground economy.” The Savulater is part of the machine.
Cro-Magnon.diet – (Also CroMagnon.Diet) What driver whose lost fifty pounds doesn’t want to share his secret? This diet will be popular once I  have market traction through my other endeavors. It is discussed extensively in the dietary laws section of Pamalogy. Pamalogy is my religion. See below.
TruckerPlogger.com – Plogging is picking up trash while jogging. Download and use the Charity Miles app when you plog. My team of truckers has cleaned up hundreds of truck stops, lost lots of pounds, feels better and raised money for their favorite charities while stretching on short breaks. Come join us!
JamesCarvin.com – To tie all of my interests together, I am simply “a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking.” JamesCarvin.com is my core site for all endeavors, all thought, and you’ll learn about my family here and can connect with me and become friends on my social networks too.
Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and religion are in my thoughts as I drive. The remainder of my domains comprise my missionary “bucket list.” 

Pamalogy Logo
Pamalogy Logo and Icon

“Pamalogy” is an acronym that describes the central features of my favorite thing to think about  -Poly Astronomically Maximized Awesomology! Pamalogy is the logical philosophy of Perfection, also known as Maximized Awesomeness! It is both the purpose of life and the reason, as I see it, that there are multiple heavens and not just one history. I have now completed the first edition of Pamalogy 101 online (click here) and opened up the Pamalogy Society HQ at the arts district at Tallahassee’s Railroad Square between FAMU and FSU. 

Cosmostrophy is the field of philosophy centered on how one reconciles their faith with science. It encompasses all denominations and world religions, including atheism. Moderators are wanted for the FB discussion group. 

A place to express the deep longings of the soul and to ask for help. 

This is an online Bible Study series I started. I did not receive financial support so I dropped it but I intend to come back to it in my later years as time allows. Pamalogy is philosophy but it provides a sound theological framework for Biblical interpretation. 
24/7 Facilities
Whether as a taxi cab driver, Uber driver or truck driver, I’ve always found myself wide awake in the middle of the night and wee hours of the morning, with few places to stop. How nice it would be to know there was a place I could come at any time, whether to meet other people or work on my projects. 24/7 addresses that need.
247scrolls.org – together with 247scrolls.com, the idea is to make available reference material libraries in every city that never close and provide access to any materials that are not available for free online. The facilities will be attended by librarians at all times. All works stay in the facilities as reference work. Comfortable reading and computer space is available for students, writers and researchers to complete their projects. 
AllHoursChurch.com – Multi-denominational shared Christian church facilities. Includes plenty of space for services, music practice rooms, library and classes. Schedulers provide services all week long as requested. Emphasis is on availability of counselors rather than worship services. It is efficient when denominations coordinate efforts and don’t compete with one another.
PerpetualPlaza.com – Shopping plazas that never close featuring businesses that always stay open. Designed to include AllHoursChurches and 24/7 Scrolls facilities, as well as bars, food establishments and any shops interested in reaching more customers all year long.
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