A Call for Revolutionaries

It’s easy to dress up as George Washington and call for revolution but this is not fun and games. We literally need to recruit an army of people who are literally tyrannizing us. What tyranny? It’s not just taxation without representation. It is an oppression so great that it is about to end us as a country. And who is the oppressor? The system of culprits – the two party system, the military-industrial complex, the media monopolies, the giant corporations. In short, the elite few who have been using us to line their pockets. They don’t care how miserable we become. They profit on our misery.

Time is ticking and it's time for a reality check.
Time is ticking and it’s time for a reality check.

How do we end the two party system? Before George Washington was a president he was a general. A general of what army? There was no army. Everyone said you can’t change the system. It was General Washington’s job to motivate them to take action, to fight for their liberty. We are at that crossroads once again. It is time we remembered George Washington and fought for the American dream by ending the oppression of the elite few and two party system they use to stir us to hatred and guard their stronghold. The Restoration Party has the prescription for America’s healing. This is a call for boots on the ground – not for a war fought with bullets but with ideas whose time has come. And the clock is ticking.