A Call for Revolutionaries

It’s easy to dress up as George Washington and call for revolution but this is not fun and games. We literally need to recruit an army of people who are literally tyrannizing us. What tyranny? It’s not just taxation without representation. It is an oppression so great that it is about to end us as a country. And who is the oppressor? The system of culprits – the two party system, the military-industrial complex, the media monopolies, the giant corporations. In short, the elite few who have been using us to line their pockets. They don’t care how miserable we become. They profit on our misery.

Time is ticking and it's time for a reality check.
Time is ticking and it’s time for a reality check.

How do we end the two party system? Before George Washington was a president he was a general. A general of what army? There was no army. Everyone said you can’t change the system. It was General Washington’s job to motivate them to take action, to fight for their liberty. We are at that crossroads once again. It is time we remembered George Washington and fought for the American dream by ending the oppression of the elite few and two party system they use to stir us to hatred and guard their stronghold. The Restoration Party has the prescription for America’s healing. This is a call for boots on the ground – not for a war fought with bullets but with ideas whose time has come. And the clock is ticking.

Apocalyptic Warning – Calling Restorationists

The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) - we have the prescription for America's healing.
The Restoration Party Logo and symbol (℞) – we have the prescription for America’s healing.

As I walked my dog this morning, I reflected on our nation’s debt. My proposal of a Net Worth tax is given in chapter two of the Restoration Party Manifesto. A 5% annual GDP growth rate with an average 30% tax rate produces an average 1.5% increase in tax revenue. This is an insufficient increase in revenue to even balance a budget, much less pay off the twenty trillion in accumulated debt, as Donald Trump proposed. My proposal immediately pays off the entire twenty trillion in national debt without increasing taxes or sacrificing any government programs. I argue here that a net worth tax is inherently fair because the twenty trillion dollars owed has primarily benefited the wealthy rather than the poor and the tax is not a hand out to the poor. It simply returns borrowed money.

I should add that the payment of the twenty trillion dollar debt can be managed through reassignable liens, as I described in chapter two of the Manifesto so there is never any liquidity shortage. Unlike net worth taxes attempted in France and Germany and other nations, the tax is not on items but on total worth, wherever it is possessed. Therefore, there won’t be a capital flight problem and this is not a proposal that has ever been attempted. The net worth tax is simply a bill. Unlike as in France, it is not the government who determines what property to place liens on. That power belongs to the owner of the assets and the tax payer can re-assign which property the liens are on any time they want for a modest fee.

James Carvin featured 10/22/16 in the Tallahassee Democrat
James Carvin featured 10/22/16 in the Tallahassee Democrat

I should also add that the net worth tax is just one of many possible ways to pay off the debt. Supplanting Federal currencies with state currencies while the dollar fails is another way. The debt can also be paid off more slowly. A thirty year mortgage at 3% comes to about one trillion per year. Please notice that no mortgage payment has ever been made on our national debt. We must now face our debt. If we don’t, the apocalypse this video predicts will result.

I am calling for Restoration Party activists to rise up and take power in the United States immediately in order to restore America to fiscal responsibility. Without fiscal responsibility, government does not serve us. It enslaves us. Our forefathers died in order to have a government that is FOR the people and OF the people and BY the people – not an elite few who exploit us for their personal careers and to line their own pockets with. If you want to take America back, you must dedicate your time collecting signatures for the Acts the Manifesto proposes, writing letters to Congress and converting activists to the Restoration Party. Voting is not enough. Your time is required. This is a war against time. I am issuing a solemn warning to America. Do not ignore what I am saying.