P.3: Capitalist Values

Donald Trump may be scary but Hillary Clinton is scarier.

Mafia Style Justice
Mafia Style Justice. Hillary gets off and there is no other explanation than career or death threats

Her escape from her indictment by the FBI was long expected, not because anyone thought she was innocent, beyond her absolute loyalists, but because we knew she would threaten those in power and get away with it. We knew this because we remembered that the very first act of Bill Clinton was to fire the head of the CIA and replace justice with his cronies. If it’s not about outright murder in a sinister cabal, it’s certainly about dirty politics.

The ironic thing is that’s what makes Hillary Clinton a better candidate than Donald Trump – at least in the eyes of those who see political ability as getting what you want. There’s something to be said for that. Getting away with corruption is a new American value that is admired by many.

It’s a capitalist value. The essence of capitalist morality is that every time someone buys something two people are satisfied. They get what they want. That’s a good thing, right? The seller gets money, usually. The buyer gets a product or service. The seller gets the amount of money they feel is a worthwhile exchange and the buyer lets go of the amount of money they believe is worth the price for what they receive. This is the core value of capitalism. No?

Scam Alert - you think you're getting women's rights. What you're getting is increased corruption.
Scam Alert – you think you’re getting women’s rights. What you’re really getting is increased corruption.

It’s a great theory but when what you’re selling isn’t what you said you were selling it just doesn’t work. Sales is about expectations, not actual exchange. The buyer imagines a product that isn’t delivered. The seller is very often a scammer. To a sad extent, capitalist values are actually all about the scam. The new values are anyway. That’s why both Hillary and Donald fit in so well. Neither one will deliver what they promise, and they both know it, but the one whose proven their ruthlessness behind the beltway – that’s the very reason many deem her worthy. She embodies the level of necessary evil for that job that the new American thinks is needed to get an often very ruthless job done.

They think that’s a good thing.

I started this story by telling you how much I hated working for a scammer. What they do is legal. It’s just not honest. People are buying hope. The company is selling something that rarely delivers. A capitalist value, as it is sold, is one where both parties receive what they want. When I look at the truth, the reality is that I’m in the business of selling people something that is very different than what they want or called for. It very often hurts them rather than helps them.

I used to hate that Uber would exaggerate what it paid to its drivers, which it calls its “partners.” I will gladly go back to doing it full time as soon as I can because the lack of ethics Uber has is a drop in the bucket compared to the lending organization I’m working for to fill in the gap in my pay this summer. Successful business and successful politics are a lot alike these days. Empty promises are what drive people to call the scam company I work for. It’s their advertising. It’s entirely misleading. The company wins because it has a ton of advertising out there. A huge array of platforms of communication in a huge market of people who want to borrow money but have shitty credit. They sell hope. They deliver catastrophe.

Damn – that’s exactly what it looks like when I look at these politicians. Is America oblivious to this? I talk to deluded people all day long. They call up expecting free money. They expect me to find them loans at low rates and get angry at me when I ask questions to see if they might be capable of paying it back. Two minutes of your time for the $30,000 you want me to instantly send, sir? … the money you know you have no hope of paying back with your $20,000/year income? Maybe you deserve that credit repair for $99/month that won’t fix your problem. They fix credit scores. They don’t fix delusion.

The delusion is everywhere. Politicians and scam businesses both count on it. Their popularity and success requires it. Scamming the deluded is big business. It’s the new capitalist value. The buyer gets it. Therefore, the buyer must have wanted it and it must be ethical. It’s an axiom.

Drivers fail to account for their expenses when they count their income.
Drivers fail to account for their expenses when they count their income.

Uber has two types of buyers – passengers and drivers. The passenger gets a sweet deal, a cheap ride. No scam there. The driver, on the other hand, sells their time and the wear and tear on their car in exchange for the hope they are receiving an income that will outpace it.

Uber takes advantage of delusion like that. Some ads even claim drivers earn $26/hour. That’s their pitch. In very rare hours do drivers ever earn that much. Even football games and New Years doesn’t do that because there are too many drivers now that everyone knows about Uber. In minute locations it has sometimes worked. Many take net losses while supposing they are earning profits. It’s easy to do that when you aren’t counting your expenses. It’s delusion and Uber takes advantage of it.

Defenders of Uber resort to the capitalist exchange principal. If you don’t like what Uber pays you, why do you do it? You do it so therefore what you get paid must be a fair value.

Not! … they do it because they were told they would earn $26/hour. That’s why. It was about expectations. They were scammed. You are defending a scammer when you use the classic capitalist values argument. It doesn’t work with scams.

I escaped the possible net losses drivers typically actually have by buying a used car that had already depreciated but had a reputation for low repair costs – a 2011 Elantra. It got great mileage. 75,000 miles later and it still runs beautifully. I took a standard mileage deduction that was far less than my real costs.

Others aren’t so lucky. They don’t even track their mileage.

My 2007 Kia has had over $2,000 in repairs since I bought it two months ago.
My 2007 Kia has had over $2,000 in repairs since I bought it two months ago. Do you think the dealer should cover the cost?

I bought another car, thinking I could do the same. It’s had three major repairs in less than two months and I haven’t even started Ubering in it. I buy with the expectation that the dealer will stand behind their reputation, since that’s what the first words coming out of the dealer’s mouth are. I say “are” and not “were.” They give me the same pitch every time I go there.

“We don’t sell cars that have problems. We inspect them. If they don’t pass our inspection, they go to auction” the salesman said. It wasn’t the first time I had heard this.

This car had supposedly been inspected. Even that wasn’t good enough for me though. I needed a reliable car to do business in. I was thinking about long term miles so I purchased an extended warranty. I couldn’t risk major repairs. I told the business agent, Sal, that I needed bumper to bumper coverage for that reason.

So Sal sold me a warranty, and the options he gave me were A, B and C and B had one price because of the deduction, which was $100. On that basis and with that expectation I bought it. “It covers everything but wear and tear,” stated Sal, with words I can still hear in my mind in his own voice.

Sal may have thought that but the warranty company didn’t see it that way. He printed out the back pages of a contract I never saw that said only listed parts were covered. Then when the fuel reserve tank had a leak in it and I had to replace the fuel pump assembly, the warranty company wouldn’t pay the claim. They said only the fuel pump itself was covered by the warranty – not the reserve tank. Sal was baffled. So was I. Sal may have been feigning his surprise. He makes money when he sells warranties. And that’s just … capitalist values.

Of course, the new shocks I had to buy six days after purchasing the car from this reputable dealer counted as “wear and tear.” I wouldn’t expect the warranty company to cover that. The dealer, on the other hand …

And that’s what capitalist values are really about – expectations. You buy expecting one thing and you get something other than what you thought you were buying. The letter of the law then steps in, whether you’ve actually seen it or not, and let’s you know that as a buyer you are screwed. In Florida, dealers get the upper hand in legal battles. Lemon laws don’t even apply for used cars.

It’s the new way capitalist values are set up here. Florida is the scam capital of the world, next to, maybe Nigeria or something.

Old fashioned values included deals done on a hand shake - because words mattered.
Old fashioned values included deals done on a hand shake – because words mattered.

Is that really capitalist values? No. There was a day when a deal was made on a hand shake. There was a time when people had integrity. Maybe people don’t know about that any more. Maybe the world lacks enough people who live according to worthy values. Enter the Restoration Party values. We are about the restoration of integrity because who wants an America that isn’t about that? Let me ask you something. Is integrity something worth fighting for? Do you really prefer an America that is run by thieves and scammers?

So here we are in a presidential election cycle. We have Donald Trump, on the one hand, who says he’ll get the Mexicans to pay for his wall but hasn’t spelled out how. Here’s a man who charged thousands of dollars for his University about learning capitalist values and now he’s being sued because it was a scam. But he’ll get away with it – just like Hillary got away with her email scandal and every other Clinton scandal. Trump had each student sign a testimony before they left. He’s got it covered with the paperwork and a team of lawyers. Doing that was part of what he teaches. It’s the art of the deal. It’s all in the contract.

Then on the other hand, we have Hillary Clinton. How many people in the Clinton inner circle have been murdered or mysteriously just decided to commit suicide days before giving testimony against the Clintons now? I’ve lost count. But hey, one thing can be said for sure. She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. And that’s a good thing. Right?

Hillary Clinton defended a forty five year old rapist against a twelve year old girl by claiming the girl had fantasies about older men. It was a straight out lie and it was her job to tell it. She gets a pass on that from her constituents because she was just doing her job as a defender for that rapist. Meanwhile, Donald is mocked for how he womanizes. After all, we have clips of Donald saying stupid things about his beautiful daughter. Donald is the womanizer, not Bill. Make sure you’ve got that straight. Hillary is a champion of women’s rights and she’ll be the first woman president. Women of America are certain of that. After all, women’s rights are all about abortion rights. If Hillary doesn’t pay her female staff as much as her male staff, that can be overlooked too.

It’s all about the ruthlessness. What the new American wants is a person who will get the job done regardless of the cost. Whoever wins in politics plays the political game and wins. It’s all about the winning. Whoever is in the lead, that’s who you should vote for. Even Donald said so. He doesn’t play to lose. The question is whether his mafia team is better than her mafia team. Nothing better than a good old fashioned New York street fight. Now that’s entertainment.

Did I just accuse both presidential candidates of mafia ties? Oh my. But what I’m writing about here is capitalist values.

Debt by President 2012. By the end of Obama's second term it will be almost twenty trillion.
Debt by President 2012. By the end of Obama’s second term it will be almost twenty trillion.

I want to change them. I want to restore integrity to America. I want to do this by creating a new political party – one that give us a fresh start and recognizes the problem, offering more than lip service to solving it. I want to eliminate cronyism, limit terms for elected officials, reduce earnings for government employees across the board – tying them to the average American income. I want to pay off the debt rather than lying about it to pretend it doesn’t exist. I hate debt. I’m tired of people being deluded about it.

Did you know that President Obama claims he reduced the national debt? He doubled the debt. He didn’t reduce it. Yet in the world of political double-speak, people believe him. Snopes and Politico have found ways to say he’s mostly right and convince you they are not biased. It’s all about selling expectation. The actual exchange matters very little to the new American. That’s what capitalist values have become. Whoever scams the best wins. And winning is what really matters for Americans. Right?

The debt clock has a time machine on it at usdebtclock.org. Use it. This is today. July 6th, 2016.
The debt clock has a time machine on it at usdebtclock.org. Use it. This is today. July 6th, 2016.

Bullshit. Being right is what matters. And doing something about being right -righting wrongdoing – matters more. Much more. I hate to have to spell out to you the wrongdoing, the corruption, the lies all these political candidates are running with. I just need to point out why it is we have to restore America back to sanity and integrity. It is insane to allow yourself to constantly be scammed. Enough is enough! Do NOT resign yourself to continuous political corruption. You have the ability to vote these creeps out of office.

The Restoration Party Mascot is the Dolphin
The Restoration Party Mascot is the Dolphin

I am writing down a road map for America to restore itself to sane government, uncorrupt government, financial stability, prosperity and maximized awesomeness. I have a truly inspired vision and I am going to share it with you so we can escape from this mess and I will not disappoint. It will take time between Uber rides and working for the scammer I’m working for this summer. Your patronage would be a tremendous help here.

This is page three of My Story. I am going to take you backwards in time one step at a time through my life. That politics is corrupt is no surprise, though I wish it was. Today we touched on ethics in business. People say that free market economics is inherently moral. It amazes me how theory and practice can be so far apart.