Ch. 7: Defending America

SUMMARY: We are currently sending bombs into seven different countries with which we are not at war. This is not exactly earning us worldwide love and admiration. In Chapter Seven of the Restoration Party Manifesto, I will introduce the Military Repentance Act (MRA). America has much to be proud of but we must not let pride blind us to the humility that makes any nation truly great. We do not just proceed forward blindly to build our military out of historical or economic context. The way to prevent more towers from toppling down is to build them on a more solid foundation. True world leadership makes amends and it leads by example, walking in mindfulness. We will restore our military strength through sound fiscal policy at home and abroad. This requires building on the previous chapters of the Manifesto. It also requires a clear signal to the world that we are confessing our sin. We have much blood on our hands both at home and abroad. While much of this is rationalized and justified, it is nevertheless regretful and something we must commit ourselves to avoid in all future endeavors to the extent that this is possible.

In every chapter I describe a basic problem and then provide the solution. There is no point in griping about problems without fixing them. Why not join me in being part of the solution?!

The Restoration Party Manifesto is an eight chapter book with supporting appendices that will serve as the basis for the ideology and mission statement of the Restoration Party.

The work is currently in progress and has been written in my spare time while campaigning. The first six chapters have been published in draft form for friends to critique and the seventh chapter is on its way. If you would like to see it published sooner, rather than later, please contact me about ways you can help.

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