The Damage that Persuades

Restoration Song 1 – The Damage that Persuades

You say you love your freedom. You love the USA
You say you love democracy. It’s worth the price we paid.
You see the people struggle with corporate stronghold scams.
You say that that’s the system. The rat race and the man.
Why don’t you use your liberty to change the things you can?
Why don’t you join my party, the Restoration plan?

I warned you of your pending doom. The debts accelerate.
I warned you of the anarchy. The pending frightful state.
I made a plan to rise again. I knew you wouldn’t listen.
The plan I made was radical. It changed the whole damn system.


You wanna know what’s sick to me?
It’s when you’re hooked on crack and then you say you’re free.
I’ve seen it kill. I’ve seen the pills. I’ve seen it break your back.
Translucent rocks, those lying crocks. They’ll be your destiny.


Ignore me at your peril. I’ve written chapter two.
I warned you of corruption. The things you won’t undo.
The steps I showed were simple. To plug the loophole stew.
You let the rulers rule you. You stick to them like glue.
So tell me what’s your freedom? What’s the big hope lie?
You slave of all deception. You blue and red pill fried.


The Manifesto chapters. The eight I wrote for you.
I saw it in your future. It’s all that I could do.
Sometimes when things are written the songs will get you through.
The darkened night the lyrics. The volunteers will do.


Remember me the ghost I am. I cried so many tears.
I saw the way they stole from you the best of all your years.
I had your path to awesomeness. It had to be delayed.
It had to wait for brokenness – the damage that persuades.


The damage that persuades … the damage,
that persuades … persuades

James Carvin at 21, tickles the ivories.
James Carvin at 21, tickles the ivories.