CoFounder Search

This is a message to potential co-founders. Third party quotes on  the minimum viable product for the CabbyCam have been between $8-20,000. I am looking for a primary long-term partner who will be responsible for determining required operations and hiring. You will need enough of a work history to demonstrate we are worth investing in. You will need to sustain yourself financially until the first iteration makes profit or an angel invests in us, whichever comes first.

The co-founder is welcome to also assist with the Restoration Party marketing and database. Here is a summary of the long term plans for the CabbyCam and the Ǥhost Machine:

  • The first iteration of the CabbyCam provides a basic tool for Uber drivers.
  • The first phase of CabbyCam development will add more tools for ride share drivers.
  • The second phase of CabbyCam development will add physical products that correspond to the app involving electrical and sound and video engineering and recording.
  • In both the first and second phase, a back end data platform will be developed. Initial planning should consider phase three growth.
  • The third phase of CabbyCam development will include a rider app. Riders will also access the web platform and cloud. The platform (CabbyCam Channel) will have YouTube-like video streaming of multi-channel rider experience recordings and sharing.
  • The fourth phase adds games. CashCab and Cabby Confessions are just some obvious ones. Phase Four is where the Ǥhost machine is also introduced.

So what is the Ǥhost machine? It is like a combination of Pokemon Go, BitCoin, Twitter and Venmo. You hunt for (pretend) ghosts using your  Ǥhostidex so you can earn Ǥhost Bucks. Ǥhost Bucks will be backed by the value of customers in stores at specified hours. Participating retailers must accept Ǥhost Bucks as payment. Ǥhost Bucks are not a crypto-currency like BitCoin but a Rewards currency based on a network of participating locations. As such, it is not subject to the same restrictions as Bitcoin.