Restoration Party Action Plan

With the Restoration Party Manifesto and political platform all posted here at , it is time to familiarize yourself and others with what we stand for and why the #RestorationParty is vital to the liberty, prosperity and survival of America. Most people fail to grasp the extent to which the two party system has tyrannized us. The Manifesto and party platform will make these things clear to you and to those you speak with, but being one of the early learners will mean nothing if we don’t actually get this party started. That’s where you can help. So here is the action plan and it doesn’t require your money.

  1. Research each candidate before voting. This video gives you an example of how. Please don’t vote if you aren’t going to research what is on the ballot.
  2. Vote your values. What is most important to you? Next, see who is qualified. Please don’t just vote party line. Find independents and no party candidates on the ballot wherever possible. Are they just as good as the Republican or Democrat candidates? All things being equal, choose the independent candidate. It means they aren’t bought. It means they have a passion for their cause that is so great that they are willing to do the extra work of starting a support base from scratch. These are visionaries.
  3. Talk to them after the election about our future. Talk to both the winners and the losers. If they won, ask how you can help them succeed with their new job. If they lost, ask them what comes next and share with them the Restoration Party Acts. This is how we will recruit great leaders to the Restoration Party. Yes, you can do this. It’s our plan. It will work. Costs nothing. Changes everything.