Anti-Masonic Party

Analysis of Potential Party Name

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A bit of trivia: the Anti-Masonic Party was actually the first third political party in the United States (formed 1828). It ran on a single issue, opposing Free-Masonry, which may be telling. It sought to embrace broader issues to gain popularity but failed to obtain a majority. Its proponents were absorbed into the Whig Party by 1840 but the Party re-emerged from 1872-1888 under the leadership of Jonathan Blanchard of Wheaton College. The Party elected numerous House members from New York and Pennsylvania, and also some from Massechusets, Rhode Island, Ohio and Vermont, but never any senate members. President Millard Filmore began his career as a member of the Anti-Masonic Party.


None, although Free Masonry is still popular to hate.


Already used and no party should ever be built on hate. Should it?

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