American Solidarity Party

Analysis of Potential Party Name

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A primarily Christian and Catholic”Whole Life” party. That is, they are ProLife both before birth and after, holding a consistent ethic of human life.

The ASP was founded by David Frost in 2011 as the “Christian Democratic Party USA”. In 2012, the CDP USA endorsed the independent candidacy of Joe Schriner for President.

The name of the party was changed after the 2012 election to “the American Solidarity Party”, and a national committee was created for the purpose of drafting a platform and developing the party’s online presence. Mike Maturen of Michigan was nominated to run for president in 2016. Maturen was an official write-in in 25 states and on the ballot in Colorado.


Solidarity shows empathy toward labor and the 99%. The group could easily ally with other parties if interested in victory.


The name is taken already and is associated with conservative teaching, including commitment to traditional marriage. The historic use renders the values of the party more specific than what a dominant political party would find most advantageous. Solidarity is also historically associated with Communist movements and socialism, even if it is pro-labor.

Author: jamescarvin

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