America First Party

Analysis of Potential Party Name

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Established in 2002 as a paleoconservative isolationist party, it has enjoyed minor success in Florida and Michigan but has endorsed candidates from the Libertarian and Constitution parties for lack of its own qualified candidates, one of which was associated with the alt-right.


American intervention has cost trillions of dollars and stirred up hatred toward the United States. Non-globalist economic policies are implied by the name. A strong labor movement in the United States would see this as a positive. Bringing jobs home to America is highly resonant. The name also relates to immigration policies and international negotiating positions such as the Paris Accords, which highly disfavor US interests.


Outside of the fact that the name is already taken, a majority of Americans are actually globalists at heart. While the name is born of a need for counter-balance, nationalism for its own sake is seen as selfish by nature.

Author: jamescarvin

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