Abundance Party

Analysis of Potential Party Name

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Looking forward to American abundance, or world abundance is a worthy goal. The term could apply to physical abundance of goods, wealth and to abundance of happiness and quality of life, as well. For an American party to take this as its core issue tends to place America first but doesn’t imply nationalism or isolationism so long as it doesn’t include a name like “American Abundance Party.”


Any reference to abundance tends to leave out the poor. When an emphasis is placed on wealth of any sort, how does this speak to the many who are in lack? They see the wealthy increasing the income gap in any talk of abundance. A greater GDP is irrelevant to the poor, who only see wealth slipping away when the rich get richer but they are left behind.

Author: jamescarvin

Presidential candidate 2016, Restoration Party founder, Inventor, Entrepreneur. James has two college age children, works as a cheauffer and trucker, cares for the disabled and writes in his spare time. He is a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking. Donations are welcome.