Ex Nihlo Economics

The author of the Restoration Party Manifesto has been hunting for the right chemistry for a super team. Consider this an introduction.  There is a difference between various types of entrepreneurs. There is the kind that doesn’t care about giving their idea away to someone who can implement it. There is the kind that doesn’t. There is the kind that has money to risk and gets rewarded for it. There is the kind that has to start their business from nothing. Is it true that only the rich can get richer? Outside of lowering taxes, what exactly is Trump’s plan to stimulate the economy? What are ex nihlo economics?

Author: jamescarvin

Presidential candidate 2016, Restoration Party founder, Inventor, Entrepreneur. James has two college age children, works as a cheauffer and trucker, cares for the disabled and writes in his spare time. He is a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking. Donations are welcome.