The Trump Appointments

In his first week in office, Elizabeth Warren pointed out that Donald Trump completely flip flopped on his promise to end crony capitalism by appointing one lobby group connected cabinet member after another. This series will examine each appointee to see just how lobby-independent the Republican Party is. There is a reason the Restoration Party is needed. We are the only political party that has a commitment to complete lobby independence. Unless it involves a core value of the Restoration Party, as per the Manifesto, no donations from lobby groups, and no appointments from lobbyists will be a part of it. We are the 99%. We are independent from the elite that have been enslaving the American people. We advocate government for, by and of the people and a government that actually serves the American people instead of itself. This is what we are restoring.

For reference, here a link to the Elizabeth Warren video ~


Part One discusses Trump’s major appointments – Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Kris Kobach, Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn. It then begins the series by touching on each appointment mentioned by Elizabeth Warren. The first of these is Jeffrey Eisenach, Director of Transition Staffing for the Federal Communications Commission. A brief explanation of what net neutrality means is offered. Eisenach is a former Verizon employee who has lobbied against net neutrality in Washington. Will his staff selections be for the American people? Or will they be for Verizon Inc.? This is why we need a lobby independent political party to become the dominant political party in the United States. We need to end the two party system ASAP. Trump’s about face on his promises to clean the swamp prove that no traditional party can be trusted to offer a government that is genuinely of the people, by the people and for the people. It is all meaningless talk.


Part Two explores a possible discovery dynamic in the mix of Priebus and Bannon before acknowledging the serious conflict of interest and outright corruption in Trump’s choice of Mike Mikenna for His Department of energy staffer. Unbeknwnst to me, Mikenna had already declined the position because he did not want to give up his lobby rep relationship with Koch Inc. or Dow Chemical and others. That story had been buried by an anti-Trump press, as Trump has now prohibited such relationships for all cabinet members.


Having now realized that at least three of Trump’s appontments have resigned due to the very conflicts of interset I’ve been warning you about, in Part Three I switch gears, have a cup of coffee and give you a brief tour of my humble abode and my dreams as an inventor. Us little people are the 99%. Some of us could change the world if we were only given the chance. Only the rich can get elected and that is a formula for disaster in America. Corporatocracies are by definition self serving. We could have so much more. A dire warning is issued.



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