The Restoration Party Manifesto: Pre and Post Apocalyptic Alternatives for the Future


This is a Preface to the early preview version of The Restoration Party Manifesto: Pre and Post Apocalyptic Alternatives for the Future.

I have had three goals in mind in writing this latest book. First, I thought I would take the opportunity to offer my personal opinion on issues that matter to me. I’ve spent a lifetime making partial explanations and it has left me feeling uncomfortably understated. The second is to initiate and found an effective political party that will better handle the problems our country now faces. It seems to me we are in a great deal of trouble and the solution has been there all along. Third, I wanted to pave the way for a better world. I needed to point to a very dark and seemingly inevitable spot in America’s future, to a way to avert it, and to what to do if we don’t.

I’ve been churning the book out one chapter at a time since May 2016, when I first announced my candidacy for POTUS, as I’ve had time while working 80-100 hours/week to pay my bills, since I’ve never received any donations from anyone. There are three things I hope to accomplish with these early chapter releases. 1) To make it known what the Restoration Party stands for, 2) to perhaps attract the help of a patron, an editor and if I’m lucky, a publisher and 3) to get some critiques from my friends.

I can’t overstate how many hours I’ve put in. It’s coming along OK as a side project but I think it deserves much more than I’m capable of personally giving it. Understand that the work is in progress and hasn’t even reached a rough draft status. The pictures used are placed there primarily to make the columns thinner and the text more readable by breaking it up. Some are borrowed in blogger style, and those will all certainly have to be replaced for copyright reasons, including some of the memes I customized. The formatting of the ultimate book is up to the editor. I could use an illustrator too.

As far as obtaining a publisher goes, I think  I may have a chance as a non-celebrity. Normally a publisher looks for a platform. The platform here is sort of built into a political party that stands to become quite large if it gets a jump start somehow. The strategy itself is mapped out in the book on the pages already published and I think that should work. It can be self-published I suppose but I haven’t put much thought into whether I should charge for it, etc. and could use some guidance on the matter. It is the first political book I’ve written. Thank you for taking the time to critique the chapters that are available. The present Preface is a temporary one for a work in progress.


Author: jamescarvin

Licensed insurance agent W965746. National Producer #20666979. Presidential candidate 2016. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Philosopher. James has two grown children, cares for the disabled, and blogs in his spare time when he's not on the road helping families optimize their awesomeness.