Chapter Three

to Slay the Giant Monsters
Ch. 3: How to Slay the Giant Monsters
Ch. 3: How to Slay the Giant Monsters

SUMMARY: In Chapter Three of the Restoration Party Manifesto, I identify the core systemic sources of government corruption in the United States and provide the tools for delivering America from their tyranny. The main problem is that our politicians look on public service as a way to be served rather than to serve. To restore government to the role of serving the public, it is necessary to limit it as a career path and to break up the media monopoly as well as revamp the election process. There are five major Acts presented as solutions. They must be taken together in order to work and as such they show the need for a new political party, the Restoration Party. In short, the solution is the Restoration Party.

In every chapter I describe a basic problem and then provide the solution. There is no point in griping about problems without fixing them. Why not join me in being part of the solution?!

The Restoration Party Manifesto is an eight chapter book with supporting appendices that will serve as the basis for the ideology and mission statement of the Restoration Party.

The work is currently in progress. The first six chapters have been published for a preview and the seventh chapter is on its way. If you would like to see it published sooner, rather than later, please contact me about ways you can help.

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