Chapter Five

Ch. 5: What is a Tax Policy with Restorationist Values?
Ch. 5: What is a Tax Policy with Restorationist Values?
Ch. 5: What is a Tax Policy with Restorationist Values?

SUMMARY: In Chapter Five of the Restoration Party Manifesto, I show how the Neutral Tax is ideally suited for a Restoration Party policy position. Any national debt elimination Rx proposed by any Restorationist leader will be better served when states have the freedom to choose tax policies in their own best interest. The program is not only compatible but allows net worth tax alternatives such as the one I proposed in Chapter Two through a back step process to Article 2 of the Constitution. The general position of states as being served by the Federal government parallels the service all government has to be restored to in order to serve the people. The proposal eliminates the IRS and simplifies the tax code without robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

In every chapter I describe a basic problem and then provide the solution. There is no point in griping about problems without fixing them. Why not join me in being part of the solution?!

The Restoration Party Manifesto is an eight chapter book with supporting appendices that will serve as the basis for the ideology and mission statement of the Restoration Party.

The work is currently in progress. The first six chapters have been published in draft form for friends to critique and the seventh chapter is on its way. If you would like to see it published sooner, rather than later, please contact me about ways you can help.

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