America First Party

Analysis of Potential Party Name

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Established in 2002 as a paleoconservative isolationist party, it has enjoyed minor success in Florida and Michigan but has endorsed cancidates from the Libertarian and Constitutuion parties for lack of its own qualified candidates, one of which was associated with the alt-right.


American intervention has cost trillions of dollars and done little more than stir up more hatred toward the United States. Non-globalist economic policies are also implied by the name. A srong labor movement in the United States wiuld see this as a positive.


Outside of the fact that the name is already taken, a majority of Americans are actually globalists at heart. Nationalism is selifish by nature. At the least, we should be looking for win wins.

Author: jamescarvin

Presidential candidate 2016, Restoration Party founder, Inventor, Entrepreneur. James has two college age children, works as a cheauffer and trucker, cares for the disabled and writes in his spare time. He is a driver whose been doing a lot of thinking. Donations are welcome.