Insurance Feud


Considering buying insurance? Need to understand it better? Think you know more than your best friend? Let’s have some fun and see how good you really are?! Play Insurance Feud. Today, our talented constestants have chosen the topic – watch out! This is the final game in the life insurance category. It will clue you in on some of the things to watch out for when buying insurance.

1. Divide into teams. Each team gets a bell.
2. Ring your team’s bell first when someone thinks they know the answer.
3. That’s who goes first for each question.
4. If the first guess is wrong, take turns guessing.
5. Each team can use up to ten clues. (Tap the letter “i” for a clue).
6. Each correct answer gets one point. Keep your score on paper.
7. First team to get ten points wins.


Excuse my dust. This page will have fun games and be a lot like the Insurance Feud Game 1 when I have time to complete it. I’m busily out helping families meet their insurance needs when I’m not creating this educational tool. Good things take time.

Topic Picker

Term Life
Whole Life
Indexed Life
Mortgage Protection
Final Expense
Living Benefits
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Watch Out!

– IRAs
– Pensions
– Annuities
– Disability

– Part A
– Part B
– Part C
– Part D
– Part E
– Who
– What
– When

Excuse my dust as I build this game. Some parts will be subject to approval by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Others are just in progress.