As I gazed into my phone last night, it occurred to me that AI was tracking me in many ways. It happened while I was hearing the news. Tucker Carlson was telling us how the Democrats now want to de-program Trump supporters. We are being treated as seditionists. A Trump supporter vetted National Guard in Washington was a sign that I was now considered an enemy of the state.

After all, I hadn’t just voted for Trump, I’d disagreed with the election outcome and protested at the Florida state capitol. There are pictures of me on the Internet dressed like George Washington, standing in front of a yellow “Do Not Tread On Me” flag someone was waving.

I thought there had been sufficient evidence to show Trump won the election. I have looked at both the evidence from the hearings and read the fact checks and responses. I was not convinced by those fact checks and responses that the evidence was invalid or thoroughly debunked, as is often claimed. The matter was to be fought in court. Almost every court case had been refused on standing rather than on the merits of the case. The case was, for the most part, never heard. And I had seen compelling evidence.

My presence at a protest was intended to show I supported a legal fight. My understanding of the constitution was that if both a house member and senate member challenged a certification for a state, that a two hour debate would ensue. I was praying Trump would prevail. The Arizona certification was challenged first. I listened to some of the comments by senate and house members. I was disappointed that none of them presented the evidence I had seen, but chose to talk about sixty court cases rejecting Trump’s case, even though I knew almost none of those cases considered merits. I saw Lindsay Graham say things about the use of this constitutional provision that would have made that provision meaningless. No point in having the ritual if it has no purpose. Yet Democrats had challenged several certifications this same way in the past. No one accused them of an insurrection.

Protesting was my participation in 1776 with my hero, George Washington. January 6th was the last hope I had that justice would be served and America could be restored unstolen. It wasn’t. Political enemies turned the word “fight” into proof of an incitement to physical violence and lawlessness instead and proceeded not just to ratify the certifications but impeach Trump.

Then, just as they denied there was any evidence of massive voter fraud overturning the election, they just as vehemently denied that there were any propagandists pretending to be Trump supporters at the event, who had preplanned to uprising. I don’t know who they were. I have seen evidence of several. I have seen video of cops actually directing protesters into the capitol. I have seen a video of a CNN camera operator in the capitol having a gleeful moment on a hot recording talking about how “I told you.” They were very happy about the fact that, as they said, “we did it.”

I saw photos of police politely standing back for a photo of a man carrying a Confederate flag into the Capitol building rather than tackling and arresting him. It turns out he is a registered Democrat from Delaware. I don’t know who he voted for but I suspect he was there to make it appear that Trump supporters support white supremacy. If it is repeated often enough that this was planned entirely by Trump supporters and they are white supremacists, such contradictory footage and facts won’t matter. That part of the news can easily be suppressed by Google and Facebook algorithms. Twitter libs won’t see it either because the people they follow won’t have reason to bring it up.

So that is what I’m made out to be by supporting Trump and thinking Biden stole the election. They want everyone to think I’m a dangerous white supremacist. Neither am I dangerous nor am I a white supremacist. I’m just a person who thinks America won’t be able to help the rest of the world if it isn’t strong.

Anyone familiar with my blogs knows I’ve been concerned about America’s accumulating national debt. When I speak of strength, I am referring to our ability to pay off that debt. If I supported Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports it wasn’t because I thought Americans were better than Chinese. It was because I thought Americans were more likely to help the world than the Chinese were. I’m still very much a globalist at heart. My nationalism isn’t a matter of pride. It’a an acknowledgement that we need to rebuild or we won’t be any good to anyone. If we hurt, the rest of the world will feel our pain. If we are strong, the rest of the world will also flourish, including the Chinese. The tariffs simply leveled the playing field.

The Chinese Communist Party – the CCP – is our enemy. It is the world’s enemy. It is the enemy of its own people. The Chinese are not our enemy. They are among our best friends. It’s their government, the CCP, that is the enemy of us all.

And this is the startling thought I had as I looked at my phone last night. The Google and Facebook AI, especially, and that of other apps, allows governments to spy on us through our phones. The Democrats, right now, can accuse anyone they want of being a possible seditionist. We are all being put on lists just because we showed up at Trump rallies. To figure out whether we might be violent or plan something, the AI is being used to produce red flags against us. The Democrats now in power, have announced that they are actively engaged in identifying possible threats. The same people who brought in a Democrat to pose with a Confederate flag in the Capitol on January 6th and then accused Trump of inciting violence, are the ones who will be telling us whether or not I might be violent and dangerous or in need of re-education.

And something else occurred to me. The Democrats and the CIA and NSA and other three letter agencies that framed and spied on General Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, charing them falsely, are empowered to do the same to any Trump supporter they want. Google has had decades to perfect its search techniques. Spying and search go hand in hand. There is nothing about that phone I trust anymore. These people could be taking pictures of me from the other side. I have no reason to trust their intentions. Look at what they’ve already done and what they’ve declared they will do.

I don’t know to what extent they are actually capable of tracking us in live time. I know that tracking terrorist threats involves sophisticated technology. Patterns are discovered based on inquiries. Those inquiries can take place faster if they are automated. If the self-learning of the machine can create its own inquiries based on patterns it has already found. Maybe not a person or people, but a machine, is recording a remarkable number of things about me – not just film clips, but stats that predict what I might do next, that profile me, that identify me as either friendly or a threat.

Politically speaking, I’m a threat if I do nothing more than tell the truth about all this. I understand enough about how companies are using AI to know there is substance to this formerly paranoid sounding thought. I can see how those same companies are in bed with the Democrat Party. This is just a fact. Both money and algorithms and censored news, and promoted news prove this beyond dispute. Big tech helps Democrats. Democrats help big tech.

Trump supporters have to create their own big tech if they wan’t to circumvent this. I know that it is not an implausible conspiracy theory to think that my phone and laptop may be tracking me. My political commentary matters. If I say nothing to suggest that I may become violent (I have never even thought about hurting anyone), then hypothetically, stuff could still be made up. Someone can hack into my social media and start posting things I never said. They can upload photoshopped images on my timeline if they want. If I’m a pacifist in reality, reality matters not. They can create the evidence.

I don’t know what they will do, but they certainly have that power and have certainly stated plainly they intend to come after Trump supporters. The most efficient means of doing so is through the big tech that got them unfairly elected. That’s my phone.

And another thought occurred to me. Just as these demonic Democrats plan to start spying on Trump supporters this way, so also can the Chinese Communist Party gather up info from us. It is all data they are just as interested in as the Democrats are. The Democrats are, in fact, doing their work for them. So if the CCP is hacking the Democrats and the Democrats are spying on Trump supporters, that means the CCP is spying on Trump supporters, as well as on Democrats.

If the CCP then does what it does with the rest of its data on its own citizens, and what it is now starting to do as it provides the 5G infrastructure all around the world, then some of us, perhaps many of us will eventually be treated like the Uygher muslims in Xinjiang. There is a gulag archepelago waiting for us.

My Democrat friends, in their extreme TDS, were not satisfied to defeat Trump in the election. They are reversing his policies while talking about healing and unity. And they are literally declaring war on us. It isn’t the other way around. January 6th was our last hope until 2022. Whether the election results should have been certified or not, they were certified. We are a nation of laws. That makes Joe Biden a legitimate president for now. Trump and his supporters lost that fight. It’s sad but it’s law. You won’t hear me say Joe Biden is not my president. He is.

This blog is a warning. It is a warning about spying on citizens and treating people as political enemies just because of their voting decisions and their decision to post public blogs or offer their opinions on social media or to protest. For now it is Trump supporters being censored and abused. The CCP will, in turn, do the same to you. For now, they are letting you destroy the country from within. You’ve saved them the trouble by setting a precedent for fascist totalitarianism. But you don’t care. The power you have to do it is intoxicating. At this pace, you will be drunk with the blood of the saints in a matter of years, maybe days.