How do incentivized asynalagonomies reduce injustice?

Injustice takes many forms. It takes the form of oppression of classes. It takes the form of unfair judgment. It takes the form of depriving people of what they have earned. It takes the form of letting crimes, large and small, go unpunished, while victims receive no recompense. There is no taking back a life once taken. There is no restoring innocence to a victim of sexual assault. Incentivized asynalagonomy does not remove every type of injustice but it removes many of its causes. It checks managerial corruption through auditing by the people. It checks unfair judges and managers by voting them out based on their ratings. Job satisfaction increases when there is no fear of losing a job and workers are rewarded as much as managers. Economic oppression becomes impossible because it is very easy to find work. It is also very difficult to suffer economic loss. Unless items are irreplaceable, it is impossible to lose them so long as a person has earned the privilege of possessing them. There is no struggle to make payments on an insurance policy. Victims of accidental loss and of crime can easily replace the majority of their possessions because nothing has any cost. The result is a dramatic reduction in the level of injustice one typically finds in a sociocapitalist economy.