How is homelessness ended through incentivized asynalagonomies?

Nothing costs anything in an incentivized asynalagonomy. This includes housing. What type of house a person can obtain and own, (not buy), is based on what type of work they do, what their ratings for their work are, how much tenure they have and what various bonuses or penalties may have been applied to their status. Nobody is without work in an incentivized asynalagonomy unless they are disabled and the disabled also receive housing benefits so everyone qualifies for a home. If a person wants to live in a nice house, they won’t have to pay a mortgage for thirty years. Their ability to move in is based on whether it is available. It is not dependent on cost. There is no real estate speculation. Either a property is available or it is not. The job of a property appraiser is to determine what rarity it has and what level of prestige it ought to be associated with. Homes that are located uniquely, such as those along bodies of water or other scenic views, or next to conveniences, are reserved for those who have earned the highest classifications. Since the business of construction does not require profit making, building is a continuous business in high demand. Construction workers themselves are rewarded with nice homes, which means new homes will be built sufficient to meet demand, very quickly ending homelessness. With no rent or mortgage required, homelessness will become a thing of the past practically overnight.