What is the HAND System?

HANDS is the Human Availability and Needs Database System. It is the computer system that assists the incentivized asynalagonomy to provide whatever citizens need by matching what can be offered with what is needed. There is no cost to anything in the HAND System but there may be limited resources and availability. To put it simply: on the one hand it is a job board. On the other hand it is a shopping catalog. The HAND System also sends automated alerts to Resource Managers when demand is high and supply is low, or limited so that the amount of need met can be maximized. Non-renewable resources are not made available in the HAND System catalogue but they are included as inventory. The system measures literally everything.

What is an incentivized asynalagonomy?

This is by far the most frequent question. It is pronounced with the hard “a” sound as in “ate” or “ace.” If you are new to this subject, you will want to start here. The short answer is discernible if you know a little Greek and can figure out that a word ending with “onomy” refers to a type of economy (actually “nomy” means laws or principles). The Greek word “Synalagwn” (συναλαγων) means “trade” or “transactions.” The prefix “a” means “not.” An asynalagonomy is an economy or set of principles without trade or transactions. An incentivized asynalagonomy is an economy that has no trade but does involve incentives. Incentivized asynalagonomy is a new political movement and is associated with James Carvin, its founding advocate. He introduces it in chapter eight of The Restoration Party Manifesto: Pre and Post-Apocalyptic Alternatives for the Future as “Solution B.” As founder of the Restoration Party, he does not ask the Restoration Party to require that members embrace it. He predicts a meltdown of the American economy of apocalyptic proportions by 2032 if the Restoration Party is unsuccessful and poses Solution B as the antidote to be implemented through “Solution B Units.” Solution B Unit members can be of any political party affiliation and Carvin encourages them to organize as a fringe group among Restoration Party members. For a more expanded and precise definition of incentivized asynalagonomy, click here.