How do Incentivized Asynalagonomies reduce crime?

The vast majority of crimes are related directly or indirectly to trade. Asynalagonomies have no trade and in an incentivized asynalagonomy, what a person can have is based on their status, which is earned through their work, not through their trades. Crime does only one thing – it risks loss of status. It provides no status benefit. There is neither the sale of contraband, since there is no value to a seller of such without trade, nor is their a demand for it, since the populace is weened off the supply for lack of it. This does not mean crime will no longer exist. However, a dramatic reduction can be expected. In a capitalist society, a person has incentive to take unlimited amounts of things that have value and store them up in banks and investments. In an incentivized asynalagonomy there are neither banks nor investments. There is therefore neither the supply of contraband, nor a means of storing up profits. The motive for profiting from crime is thus removed. The result is a much more peaceful and just society.