Why is there no unemployment in an incentivized asynalagonomy?

In an incentivized asynalagonomy, getting a job is something everyone will want. Otherwise, they will lose classification status. Getting a job is easy because there is never enough help and employers don’t turn workers down because they can’t pay them. They don’t have to pay them because work is not for pay. It is for privilege. And the ones rewarding members of society with privilege are service and product suppliers. The employer’s part is merely to register that a person has been working and doing an acceptable job. A person can choose to do any type of work they wish. If they are incapable of doing certain types of work, they will be banned from those jobs until they are trained. Education is free and consists largely of on-job-sight training. Job listings are posted on the Human Availability and Needs Database System (HANDS). Since it does not cost any money to be an employer, jobs should always be very plentiful. The jobs that offer the greatest level of privilege are those that are the least desirable to do. The “incentive” in an incentivized asynalagonomy is to do work in high demand but low supply. For this reason, the garbage collector and the plumber and the dishwasher are likely to live a nicer lifestyle than the store manager. Jobs in the field of medicine are also likely to be in high demand but short supply. Therefore, privilege is expected to be high among medical professionals and any work that requires a great deal of education.

Author: jamescarvin

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