Why is education free in an incentivized asynalagonomy?

Everything is free in an incentivized asynalagonomy, not just an education. Education is a very important value for society as many types of jobs require technical skill and knowledge. Much education is on-job-sight. Subjects taught are based largely on supply and demand. Preparing students for high demand, worker-shortage jobs is the foremost goal of educators. Books, supplies, equipment and teachers are all available without cost since everybody who works does so not for pay but for privilege and resources all come without cost. Anything in limited supply is not used in education. Taking classes boosts privilege for those with full time jobs. Being a student and being a teacher are both forms of employment. For students it is generally part time work that is in addition to full or part time jobs. Good performance in school boosts privilege and therefore results in more highly motivated student bodies. Part time work yields partial privilege. The level of privilege for both students and teachers is determined through the HAND System, which is by the people, and will likely be divided according to grade, age and subject. The people determine the level of prestige to be associated with various jobs by voting through the HANDS.

Author: jamescarvin

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