What type of incentives are used?

An elaborate system of incentives exist in an effective asynalagonomy. Instead of exchange of commodities or services that money formerly could buy, purchases belong to ownership classification, also known as prestige classification, or class. All products and services are free but they are only obtainable with sufficient classification clearance. They also can only be obtained in quantities specified by class.   Class is determined by the type, amount and quality of work a person does. Quality of work is assured through an auditing and ratings system. Incentivized asynalagonomies turn historical class on its head. The least desirable type of work receives the highest prestige and classification. To live in a nicer house with more luxuries, be a garbage collector, plummer, janitor or wash dishes, or perhaps a roofer in the summer time. Work that requires high skill is also highly rewarded by class but all classifications are determined by the people through a system of direct voter input utilizing the HAND System.

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