How does incentivized asynalagonomy foster abundance?

Since the only limit to what people can possess is the limitation of resources and the time that may be required to make things, asynalagonomies are free from the restraints of funding and financial profit. The other limitation is planning for renewability, recycling, waste management and efficiencies. Efficiency refers both to reducing duplication of effort and avoidance of obsolete technologies and methods and also to the comparative inefficiency of sociocapitalism. At least 70% of all jobs in sociocapitalist economies produce no actual goods or tangible services. Human effort that is devoted to accounting, financing, sales and marketing could be redirected to work that actually improves the quality of life. Abundance is not the aim so much as quality of life. Asynalagonomy optimizes both and maximizes awesomeness.

Author: jamescarvin

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