How does everyone in an incentivized asynalagonomy have a voice?

There are bad incentivized asynalagonomies and there are good ones. A fascist asynalagonomy would not. This question would probably be better expressed as “how does everyone in a good incentivized asynalagonomy have a voice?” Incentivized asynalagonomies work best in constitutional democratic republics that have been thoroughly revamped for the elimination of systemic corruption. This is why James Carvin introduced the five Anti-corruption Acts of the Restoration Party. (More accurately, the first two were adopted rather than introduced and the fifth also moves on existing efforts). This is also the purpose of the HAND System. For more information on the five Anti-corruption Acts, click here. For more information on the HAND System, click here.

The HAND System is a web portal for expressing needs and posting availability so that needs can be met with utmost efficiency. It not only serves as a job posting board but provides an unhackable voting system and a means for all views to be expressed, given that expressing concerns for society are a category of need. With HANDS, each person has access. The HAND System is a portal that builds on the Equality of Influence Act protocol. The Act equalizes or eliminates unfair economic power and special interest factors from dominating public discussion. The protocol supports alternate non-profit communication and discussion forums that are not filtered through news feed algorithms controlled by private corporations.

Author: jamescarvin

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