How do incentivized asynalagonomies quell terrorism?

There are several ways in which terrorism is quelled through incentivized asynalagonomy. Four categories are – (1)media (2)international, (3)economic and (4)military.

  1. Media: Force and messages communicated through violence tend to arise through systems where an insufficient voice exists for conveying what individuals or groups consider vital messages. The media is largely relied upon to display dissatisfaction through symbolic protest involving murder, generally for some political or religious reason because if it bleeds it leads and media is run for profit. In an incentivized asynalagonomy, the media is no longer controlled by a few companies and it is not run for profit. The nature of the news will be to inform and serve rather than entertain to gain viewers and advertising dollars. Therefore, the way people access information will be more diverse and everyone will have a voice. This includes the voices of the outraged and intensely dissatisfied.
  2. International: International terrorism happens when nations are perceived as evil. Terrorist acts take place in order to vent grievances towards those nations and disrupt their economies while declaring them enemies or placing judgment on them. Incentivized asynalagonomy is an inherently fair system that has no economy to disrupt or people to exploit. Any sense of outrage is destined to be systematically reduced while a superior way of life is simultaneously introduced.
  3. Economic: Since responsible use of resources is always the highest priority for incentivized asynalagonomies and trade no longer exists all forms of economic injustice become impossible. The result is less dissatisfaction and very little reasonable discontent. Using the HAND System, there are no lower class under-privileges that the people as a whole do not agree to. A type of religious perspective based jizya of under-privilege is technically available for societies that choose it but it is not likely to dominate in every society without aggressive international expansion. Such expansion is unlikely since international trade is based on the Foreign Resource Electronic Exchange (FREE). That is to say, nations agree on exchange of resources not because of capitalist exploitations contrary to the public interest but because resource managers of those nations agree that sharing such resources satisfies more needs. Nations begin acting like a human family and only with the consent of the people, who agree to share their national resources with other nations.
  4. Military: There is no such thing as an arms trade in an incentivized asynalagonomy. All international trade takes place through the Foreign Resource Electronic Exchange (FREE). This means all acquisition of military equipment and ammunition takes place under the agreement of national and state governments or is domestically produced. In either case, it is not a decision of private enterprise because the people are unlikely to vote for unregulated distribution of arms in any nation. Resource managers working for these states inventory and control arms and supplies directly so that it becomes very unlikely that individuals living in them will be empowered to use such weaponry outside of the state’s will. Since the will of the state is the will of the people, city by city ordinances may exist regarding the right to bear arms. This may mean some allowance of weapons for self-defense but probably not on any level sufficient for mass attacks. As with many privilege possessions, certification is likely to be required. The people will quickly learn from their mistakes on this matter since public safety is always their concern.

Author: jamescarvin

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