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James Carvin believes the news should be reported fairly, completely, archive neatly without trend burial and work seamlessly with better social networks. Join the vision. Tap on the interactive flow chart to see how each news site relates to the others and what it does.

Diagram of HAND System
SubNetNews.com SubSetNews.com EqualVois.com PoliticalWager.com HatredIndex.com VisionaryParty.US SuperMarketGreenNews.com GreenTechNews.org Third Party Sources Vois.Buzz Vois.Press MaximizedAwesomeness.com VoisTube.com GetAVois.com Vois.Space


SubNet News Header

The news underneath the news. Looks deeper. Discovers more. Fact checks everything. Emphasizes freedom for buried and suppressed voices – think freedom of speech.  No voice goes censored but formatting allows contrarians to rebut assertions without interruption.

Status: Not developed yet. Seeking Word Press experts, journalists, business partners. Join the team!

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Taxonomically organized niche news sites of every category and subcategory conceivable. Easy to search by subject, date, people, places and various factors of relevance. This site will be the ultimate information resource because archives will push up people powered intelligence via James Carvin news network
"Ghost Vois" algorithms. What are Ghost Vois algorithms, you ask? Notice the arrows on the chart. What is fed from site to site is measured. What is measured is rated, categorized and analyzed by a network of experts at wiki speed.

Status: Not developed yet. Seeking Word Press experts, journalists, business partners. Join the team!

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Emphasizes independent and minority view opinion over partisan dominant views. Allows any individual or small organization with an independent political opinion to be promoted through the platform in order to level the playing field with the highly funded.

Status: Not developed yet. Seeking Word Press experts, journalists, business partners. Join the team!

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Enter Political Wager Here

A place to place bets on outcomes of political events and conditions as well as promote independent or partisan thought. All assets are held in the Cayman Islands :P

This is a widget that is good for ending any sort of dispute. Create your own bets on the fly. Ante up. Predict all you want.

Status: Not developed yet. Seeking Word Press developer to create third party widget with upgrade feature for use on all Word Press web sites and other platforms.

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It is highly inaccurate to measure hate by counting articles. The Hatred Index will be the only source to offer full analysis of hatred with a view to indexing based on a fair system for determining a number useful for an unbiased measure of racial, religious and political hate in real time. The figure will be based on a consistent set of parameters and including room for formatted debate without censorship in cluding algorithms from multiview sources such as EqualVois.com.

Status: forming team. Please send resume.

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A new third political party is needed because the existing party system is tied to the deep state and an industrial military complex that is dooming the American people to failure. Uses the Vois apparati to overcome media monopolies and gain attention. The values of the Visionary Party are what every American desperately cries for – a prosperous nation with opportunity for all in a safe world with less hate. The majority of Americans are independent. It is time they had a voice and a party to support their views.

Status: A manifesto was written by James Carvin prior to the 2016 presidential election. The ideas have not yet been widely shared. James Carvin ran for president in 2016 while driving for Uber and Lyft in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Analysis of the food chains worldwide and any news related to improvement of health and environment. Looks for the day when it is no longer necessary to read labels on food products to know food is nutritious and lacks ingredients detrimental to health and our fragile world.

Status: an active online news source from 2007-2008. Possibly being revived in 2020.

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Green Tech News Logo

The communication tool of a non profit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity and planet Earth. The web site will offer full financial impact and feasibility analysis of environmental emerging technology products and processes. Will present views from all competing financial and/or political sides utilizing the balance-without-bias strategy that typifies the James Carvin news suite vision and equal vois opportunity. As an NPO, it will not be a political mouthpiece echoing any narrative.

Status: seeking non profit board members to implement vision.

This domain is currently owned by JamesCarvin.com

Third Party Sources

All of our news platforms will aggregate news from around the world in topical fashion by subject so that you don't miss a thing.

Status: a bare minimum of syndication feeds are presently being connected to the JamesCarvin.com suite of news sources while organization and development is taking place. Completed sites will be heavily promoted on traditional media once all operations are ready. Please join our team with the submission of your resume or bio and a statement of how you think you might fit in if this vision strikes a chord with you.


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The best source for uncensored moderate and independent opinion.  See also VoisBuzz.com.

Status: undeveloped

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Summary of trending news on Vois.Buzz, Vois.Space and other Vois domains. It’s the front page of Vois.

Status: undeveloped

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An inspirational and entertainment oriented stream of videos and articles quickly promoting the best of in every category. Vois is the backbone. Maximized Awesomeness is the heart.

MaximizedAwesomeness.com is a Pamalogy outreach project. Pamalogy is Poly Astronomically Maximized Awesomology - the logical philosophy of perfection.

Status: preparing third party feeds this summer. Pamalogy is the core project of James Carvin. Pamalogy.com is presently being developed by James Carvin.

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VoisTube sign

An alternative to YouTube that allows freedom of speech. Note that this does not mean that promotion of violence or other illegal activity or incitement will be tolerated. VoisTube features easy uploads and subsequent multi-track editing from the web. It is driven by the VoisRider app. See VoisRider.com below.

Status: Undeveloped. Seeking team members to build prototype.

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Combines Vois products with Vois news and independent voice aspirations, creating a marketing platform for Vois Products as a sponsor of the news and individual promotion that leads to free web individual Voice platforms like Vois.Space, VoisTube.com, Vois.Press and VoisBuzz.

Status: Undeveloped. Seeking team members to build prototype.

This domain is currently owned by JamesCarvin.com


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Free web hosting space with upgrade options for those who wish to promote ideas. Features tools for creating web sites easily to organize Vois products to get a Vois. Together the suite is designed to replace FaceBook as a social network through better visibility, archive access friendliness, promotional tools and categorization of content.

Status: Undeveloped. Seeking team members to build prototype.

This domain is currently owned by JamesCarvin.com