As I gazed into my phone on January 22nd 2021, it occurred to me that AI was tracking me in many ways. It happened while I was hearing the news. I hadn’t always agreed with Tucker Carlson. I’m progressive in a number of important ways – more than progressive really – I envision a very different America, a much better one, but I always found Carlson fascinating. I liked his independence. I liked that he didn’t support foreign wars. I liked that he would expose hypocrisy wherever he saw it. And that night, he warned us that the Democrats wanted to de-program Trump supporters. Anyone who voted for Trump was being treated as seditionist. A Trump supporter vetted National Guard in Washington, in the days following January 6th, was a sign that they, and me by association, were now considered enemies of the state. It didn’t matter that I had actually written my own name in on the ballot instead of checking off Trump.

For all appearances, it did look like I just voted for Trump, and I half-way did. I agreed with him on some vital points. It looked like I’d disagreed with the election outcome, as well, and protested at the Florida state capitol. And I had. There are pictures of me on the Internet dressed like George Washington, standing in front of a yellow “Do Not Tread On Me” flag someone was waving. I thought it was amusing at the time I took it and that flag stated very brilliantly why I was there – not because I wanted to start a war, but because I wanted to decry the abuse of power.

Protests are a blast that way. And dressing up is fun. I’ve been seen at the Capitol dressed as a leprechaun before. I’ve also worn my rainbow suspenders during Pride Fest. But just because I’ve attended Pride events, neither does that mean that I agree with everything the LGBTQ+ movement thinks. Protests give each of us a chance to express ourselves individually, not just as groups. Freedom of expression is one thing I like very much about America. And people like me, especially, people who have very independent opinions – we really need an outlet to communicate our thoughts. But unfortunately, because of the way groups communicate and brand themselves, the thoughts of independents like me are often misinterpreted. Sometimes, we have to take a step back and clarify what we mean. So today, I’m gong to help you interpret this picture.

The first thing you should know is that I stand alone. I am a leader. If you find you agree with me, come join me. I do not belong to any group. And to be clear about what was going through my mind on January 6th, I thought there may have been sufficient evidence that Trump had actually won the 2020 election.

Many say this thought had no basis in fact, but that’s not the case. I had looked at both the evidence from the hearings, starting in Philadelphia, and I had also read the fact checks and responses. In themselves, those were not conclusive. There were too many anomalies and I was not convinced by what the fact checkers were saying about it. They claimed that the evidence was invalid. They claimed they had debunked it. Universally, they used the term “baseless.” And that term was then applied by the corporate media and cable news.

But wait a minute. That same corporate media had just been complicit in impeaching that same president with a Russia hoax, and then with a Ukraine hoax. Those same news organizations had just finished repeating ad nauseum countless falsehoods and misrepresentations. Excuse my skepticism, but my confidence in the fact-checkers and the media that utilized them was at an all time low. In my opinion, the matter of the 2020 election would have rightly been fought in court. And almost every court case had been refused on standing. The merits of the case had not been considered in 98% of the decisions. The case was, for the most part, never heard. It didn’t feel right. I had seen compelling evidence that the election may have been stolen – most prominently Syndey Powell claiming she was about to release “the Kraken.”

As it turned out, no Kraken would ever be released, but no one knew that at the time. All we had was Powell’s alarming certainty. And it begged the question: why would a highly paid lawyer express such confidence publicly, knowing she would fall on her face? How could she not have seen the evidence she was boasting of? She was putting her career on the line. I found that one simple question significantly compelling.

In hindsight, there may have been some fair explanations. Perhaps, she had misinterpreted the material facts. Maybe she herself had been misled. That might explain it. Or on the conspiratorial side, was there some Seth Rich or Jeffrey Epstein-style intrigue going on that removed some evidence she once did possess? Arguments by abduction put the idea that there was no evidence in the first place into an unlikely category. The most implausible explanation is that she was just lying through her teeth. I didn’t know the answer, but I sure did want to let the facts be thoroughly explored in court. And I was guessing that maybe some of these facts may have arrived into the hands of those who would object to the certification of the election in key states. I was wating to see how the Congressional procedure that day was going to work out. If the courts had denied a venue, the Constitution hadn’t.

My presence at a protest was intended to show I supported a legal constitutional fight. My understanding of the constitution was that if both a house member and senate member challenged a certification for a state, that a two hour debate would ensue. I was praying that truth would prevail. The Arizona certification was challenged first. I listened to some of the comments by senate and house members. I was disappointed that none of them presented the evidence I had seen, but chose to talk about sixty court cases rejecting Trump’s case, even though I was of the understanding that almost none of those cases considered the merits of the complaints.

Quite the contrary, it had seemed the judges were afraid to challenge the election. Their careers were on the line. And then I saw Lindsay Graham say things about the use of this constitutional provision that would have made that provision meaningless, as if it was just a ceremonial procedure built on tradition, rather than meaning. I didn’t buy it. It didn’t seem to me that there would be any point in having the ritual that constitutes the business of January 6th at the U.S. Capitol if it has no purpose beyond a ceremonial one. Is that what we pay these people for? Song and dance? And to be sure, Democrats had challenged several certifications this same way in the past. No one had accused them of an insurrection when they did. January 6th, 2020, as it turns out, was all about treading on George Washington’s ideals. Graham’s interpretation was a watering down of the intended potency of the Constitution – the will of the people.

But I know that the costume and flag made me look like a radical. Looks can be deceving, epsecially at protests. Messages are bold. Lots of people dress up to express themselves. It’s festive. Like I said, I blend in as an independent at Pride Fests too. I’ve always admired George Washington and I’ve had that costume for decades. I even have his death mask on my bureau. I once tried to make a silicon replica of the authentic face of George Washington. It was part of the Ghost Machine experience I had invented. Did you know I had invented an app? The app would pay to have actors dress up as famous dead people. They would appear at parties and shopping centers. What fun!

But January 6th was an expression of the hope I had that justice would be served and America could be restored unstolen if it had been. I was using the costume for another reason.

Maybe it was. Maybe the election had been stolen. Or maybe it hadn’t. A lot of people thought it had. They spoke of fighting for justice. I don’t think they meant physical fighting. I think they were referring to legal remedies and campaigning in future elections, but political enemies then turned the word “fight” into proof of an incitement to physical violence and lawlessness instead. They proceeded not just to ratify the certifications but impeach Trump one last time, claiming he incited a riot – as if he had planned what broke out. D.C. Courts later convicted hundreds of protesters at the U.S. Capitol for not just for rioting, but for “seditious conspiracy” and “insurrection.” They claimed the protesters were there to disrupt Congress. But that is the opposite of why we were there. As I just explained, we were there because the proceedings themselves were created to deal with the problem of disputed election results. Disruption was the opposite of what we wanted.

It was a surrealistic day. It just so happened that an undercover FBI agent, had released the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio from prison, and Tarrio, a Floridian, showed up at the Florida Capitol that day along with a troop of Proud Boys. I had heard of the Proud Boys before. I had heard that they were white supremacists. This was the first time I had ever been in the same place with any people who would proudly admit they were white supremacists, I thought. And I had been an independent journalist of sorts before, a proud member of the Fourth Esrtate, so when the Proud Boys stopped marching around, I started interviewing them to see if they really were what the media I had seen had said they were.

The general response I got was that the white supremacist label was a media smear job. What they represented was free speech. The reason they got into fights with ANTIFA was ANTIFA always showed up wherever they did and harrassed them, making that claim. They defended themselves, saying they only fought when provoked. They didn’t carry weapons illegally. They just had radios. Some had mace, but the mace was strictly for defense, they said. The reason they were targeted this way was they were against the enforcement of politically correct speech. That was why before their website got taken down, they spoke of “chauvanism.” They explained that this word was not being used by them the way everyone thought it was. A French army officer named Chauvan had been one of Napoleon’s generals. He was known for his loyalty and enthusiasm. In America, the meaning of that word had been transformed. For most people it meant arrogant mysogeny. It was always coupled with the word “female.” A “female chauvanist” was understood to be a jerky traditionalist who looked down on women. The Proud Boys were proud of American tradition. That’s what they meant by chauvanism. In speaking to several, I was told they were proud of the liberty afforded in the Constitution. Uniformly they condemned mysogeny and white supremacism both. That was not what they were about at all, they claimed.

I have a way of believing what people tell me over what others say about them. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially if its charitable to do so. How about you? Maybe I’m naive. But they sounded more credible in that moment than the media did. So, take it or leave it, that was their side of the story. And then as the day progressed, I chanced upon Enrique Tarrio himself and interviewed him too

I asked Tarrio the same questions I’d been asking the Proud Boys he lead. If you don’t know, Tarrio is presently in prison for leading a seditious conspiracy to disrupt a Congressional proceeding. Serendipitously, this interview took place at the very hour the U.S. Capitol riot was just breaking out. In my opinion, he did not seem concerned about commanding some operation in Washington. He looked remarkably calm. Maybe he’s just incredibly good at covering things up, or maybe I’m just naive, but this video seems to run contrary to that narrative. Check it out and let me know your opinion.

As it stands, here two years later, I’ve now read the transcripts for the 60 day trial of the Proud Boys, having taken an interest because of that encounter. Most people are unaware that the defense counted approximately fifty federal agents that had been embedded in the Proud Boys in Washington alone. Some were confidential human sources. Some were FBI. Others were Homeland. If there were as many embedded in other groups identified as radical white supremacists who were also at the U.S. Capitol that day and similarly convicted of seditious conspiracy and insurrection, then that would bring the total number of embedded personnel on J6 to at least 150. We might also speculate that even more than that were there if we account for some amount that would likely have been disbursed among the crowd at large.

The person in the red cap who was seen on video knocking out a window, for instance. And if all that is true, then Federal agents outnumbered the Capitol police on January 6th. This sheer number of preplanning on the part of the Federal agencies, leaves us with believing one of two things – either the lack of police staff was the greatest blunder in history given all that prepared before-hand surveillance, or the whole thing was a set up and the ingorance required was just a part of a plan. Make no mistake that if that is the case, then the majority of the actual insurrectionists and seditious conspirators, were planning their operation from inside a D.C. swamp, not from the crowd on the outside.

I’m open to that idea because it makes better sense politically. I found myself surrounded by Trump supporters. None of the Trump supporters I talked to said they wanted to disrupt Congress. On the contrary, like me, they were relying on that very Congressional process to resolve a disputed election based on the Constitutional provisions for doing so. And although I didn’t discuss this with any of the Proud Boys that were there, I imagine they were marching for the same reason – to express their support of, rather than to disrupt, that process.

However, the narrative went the other direction. Just as the Democrats and their sympathetic media denied there was any evidence of massive voter fraud overturning the election, they just as vehemently denied that there were any propagandists pretending to be Trump supporters on January 6th, who had preplanned an uprising. I don’t know who these “Fedsurrectionists” were. I have seen evidence of several. I have seen video of cops actually directing protesters into the capitol. I have seen a video of a CNN camera operator in the capitol having a gleeful moment on a hot recording talking about how “I told you.” They were very happy about the fact that, as they said, “we did it.”

This really disturbs me. I saw photos of police politely standing back for a photo of a man carrying a Confederate flag into the Capitol building rather than tackling and arresting him. It turns out he is a registered Democrat from Delaware. I don’t know who he voted for but I suspect he was there to make it appear that Trump supporters support white supremacy. If it is repeated often enough that this was planned entirely by Trump supporters and they are white supremacists, such contradictory footage and facts won’t matter. That part of the news can easily be suppressed by Google and Facebook algorithms. Prior to Elon, Twitter wouldn’t let anyone see it either.

So that is what I’m made out to be by agreeing with Trump that Biden may have stolen the 2020 election. A picture like this, along with that interview, stand to make me look like a dangerous white supremacist. Neither am I dangerous nor am I a white supremacist. I’m just a person who thinks America won’t be able to help the rest of the world if it has a government that embodies an Orwellian dystopia. A strong America is George Washington’s America. Partisan politics hadn’t divided America when Washington was elected. A thoughtful Constitution was written instead – one that attempted to prevent uprisings and sedition through rule of law.

I have mixed feelings about Donald Trump. I ran against him in 2016. It’s easy to forget that I was a presidential candidate once because I never had any intention of winning. My goal was to bring attention to a political party manifesto I had written. I was concerned about government corruption and saw the two-party system as a failure. As I saw it, America had become an oligarchy, a plutocracy, a corporatocracy. We were ruled by the very wealthy and by large corporations who had more of a voice in Washington than all of the rest of us combined. I was opposed to the nightmare of a war machine we had become on account of those who profited from war and worldwide chaos. Our children were being sent to battlefield’s abroad and I was certain that that was no expression of the will of a country governed of the people, by the people and for the people.

Anyone familiar with my blogs knows I’ve been concerned about America’s accumulating national debt, as well. When I speak of strength, I am referring to our ability to pay off that debt. I supported Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports for that reason. With the way things can get twisted, I have to clarify every little position I’ve taken. In the case of tariffs on Chinese imports, it wasn’t because I thought Americans were better than Chinese. It was because I thought Americans were more likely to help the world than the Chinese were. I should make it clear where I stand, lest a few pictures miselad you. I’m still very much a globalist at heart. I may have interviewed some Proud Boys, but my own sense of nationalism isn’t a matter of pride, and I really don’t care much about American traditions.

Any “America First” sentiment I have is merely an acknowledgement that we need to rebuild first or we won’t be any good to anyone. If we hurt, the rest of the world will feel our pain. If we are strong, the rest of the world will also flourish, including the Chinese. The tariffs simply leveled the playing field. Sure I support a more secure border too, but I’ve also defended Mayorkas. He’s right that the ports of entry are where most of the drugs are being seized, where most of the illegal immigration is taking place. But the drugs and human trafficking, the gun running, and much more, are taking place along the whole border, not just the ports of entry. Let’s not kid ourselves. We have an immigration crisis. Saying so does not make us xenophobes. It makes us reasonably cautious.

Neither is it xenophobic to be concerned about infiltration by the Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party – the CCP – is our enemy. It is the world’s enemy. It is the enemy of its own people. The Chinese people, on the other hand, are not our enemy. They are among our best friends. It’s their government, the CCP, that is the enemy of us all. Saying so does not make a person a white supremacist. And ultimately, I found that this also was the case with just about every Trump supporter I’ve ever encountered. Some may wear more red white and blue than I ever would, but none of them are white supremacists. They are just distrusting of the very powerful in the world who don’t value American superiority – who view America as a key competitor that may stand in the way of their own agenda. Like me, Trump supporters believe that a stronger United States will make the world a better place because it will put us back into a position of helping those, outside our borders, who are in need. Sadly, we have wasted that opportunity. Instead, we have invaded, pillaged, stolen, ravaged, overthrown, interfered, dominated and ruined. We have thoroughly abused our power, often in the name of promoting “Democratic ideals.” In many ways, we have hurt the world more than the CCP has. It saddens me very much to admit this. But that doesn’t change the fact that we are more capable of helping the world if we are economically strong.

This is the real me. I’m not so proud of America. I see America as the land of opportunity. I see a potential future for it. It’s its potential that thrills me, not its past accomplishments. Sure, we may have prevented Axis powers in World War II. We may have contributed more to charity globally than any other country. That’s good. But we’ve hardly scratched the surface in terms of what we could do for this world in terms of our full potential.

All this contributes to why this picture bothers me. The Google and Facebook AI, especially, and that of other apps, allows governments to spy on us through our phones. A corrupt D.C. swamp, right now, can accuse anyone they want of being a possible seditionist. We are all being put on lists just because we showed up at Trump rallies, even if we didn’t vote for him. To figure out whether we might be violent or plan something, the AI is being used to produce red flags against us. Those now in power, have announced that they are actively engaged in identifying possible threats. The same people who brought in a Democrat to pose with a Confederate flag in the Capitol on January 6th and then accused Trump of inciting violence, are the ones who will be telling us whether or not I might be violent and dangerous or in need of re-education. They could put me in jail if they wanted to. They can put innocent people in jail – people who want nothing more than to make this world a better place. Think about that.

And something else occurred to me. The CIA and NSA and other three letter agencies that framed and spied on General Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, characterizing them falsely, are empowered to do the same to any political enemy of theirs that they want. Google has had decades to perfect its search techniques. Spying and search go hand in hand. There is nothing about my own phone that I trust anymore. These people could be taking pictures of me from the other side. It’s called “unmasking.” I have no reason to trust their intentions. Look at what they’ve already done and what they’ve declared they will do.

I don’t know to what extent they are actually capable of tracking us in live time. I know that tracking terrorist threats involves sophisticated technology. Patterns are discovered based on inquiries. Those inquiries can take place faster if they are automated, if the self-learning of the machine can create its own inquiries based on patterns it has already found. Maybe not a person or people, but a machine, is recording a remarkable number of things about me – not just film clips, but stats that predict what I might do next, that profile me, that identify me as either friendly or a threat. The will of the people doesn’t matter. The will of the machine will override it, control it, guide it into its corrales.

Politically speaking, I’m a threat if I do nothing more than tell the truth about all this. I understand enough about how companies are using AI to know there is substance to this formerly paranoid sounding thought. I can see how those same companies are in bed with politicians. This is just a fact. Both money and algorithms and censored news, and promoted news prove this beyond dispute. Big tech helps politicians gain power. Politicians help big tech.

Those who oppose the swampiness in all this, have to create their own big tech if they wan’t to circumvent it. We shouldn’t make being corraled like livestock be so easy. Our own political commentary matters, even if its just in places like the blogosphere. If I say nothing to suggest that I may become violent (I have never even thought about hurting anyone), then hypothetically, stuff could still be made up. Someone can hack into my social media and start posting things I never said. They can upload photoshopped images on my timeline if they want. If I’m a pacifist in reality, reality matters not. They can create the evidence. And that frightens me.

I don’t know what they will do, but they certainly have that power and have certainly stated plainly they intend to come after people they claim are white supremacists. It doesn’t matter whether there actually are any true white supremacists. They will still make out that there are. And the most efficient means of doing so is through the big tech that gives them their power. My phone – my constant companion – my hope for changing the world for the better, is also capable of serving them in their war against reality.

And another thought occurred to me. Just as that same demonic swamp plans to start spying on Trump supporters this way, so also can the Chinese Communist Party gather up info from us. It is all data they are just as interested in as the D.C. swamp is. The swamp is, in fact, doing their work for them. So if the CCP is hacking the NSA and the NSA is unmasking Trump supporters, that means the CCP is spying on Trump supporters, as well as on Democrats and the Republicans who also seek to defeat him.

If the CCP then does what it does with the rest of its data on its own citizens, and what it is now starting to do as it provides the 5G infrastructure all around the world, and what it hopes to do as it creates its own Yuan-cryptocurrency, then some of us, perhaps many of us, will eventually be treated like the Uygher muslims in Xinjiang. There is a gulag archepelago waiting for us.

My Trump-hating friends, in their extreme TDS, were not satisfied to defeat Trump in the election. They have literally declared war on all who fit a certain profile. It isn’t the other way around. January 6th was a last hope for many Americans of upending this frightening new reality. Whether the election results should have been certified or not, they were certified. We are a nation of laws. That makes Joe Biden a legitimate president, by any measure. Trump and his supporters lost that fight. It’s the law Trump supporters say they live by. You won’t hear me say Joe Biden is not my president. He is.

This blog is a warning though. It is a warning about spying on citizens and treating people as political enemies just because of their possible voting decisions and their decision to post public blogs or offer their opinions on social media or to protest. For now it is Trump supporters being censored and abused. The CCP will, in turn, do the same to you. I don’t want that to escape your notice. For now, they are letting you destroy the United States from within. You’ve saved them the trouble by setting a precedent for fascist totalitarianism when you claim something was an insurrection that was not an insurrection. Are your political victories so important to you that you don’t care about the precedent you are setting? The power may be intoxicating in the moment. But at this pace, you will be drunk with the blood of the saints in a matter of years, maybe days. What are you treading on? Think about it.

Author: jamescarvin

Licensed insurance agent W965746. National Producer #20666979. Presidential candidate 2016. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Philosopher. James has two grown children, cares for the disabled, and blogs in his spare time when he's not on the road helping families optimize their awesomeness.