How to Overthrow the American Oligarchy (without violent revolution).

In this three part series, I urge listeners to offer a minimum of one hour of week in service, letting their legislators know about the Restoration Party as they support any of the five major Acts outlined in Chapter 3 of the Restoration Party Manifesto. It’s a lot of work but if you want to prevent a¬†forthcoming apocalypse, you’ve got to take the time.

Part 1/3 Introduction


Part 2/3 Why I hate each of the other parties

Part 3/3 РChanging Party Affiliation means Divorcing the Oligarchy and the 99% will know that. (Sorry this is sideways for some reason.)

Author: jamescarvin

Presidential candidate 2016, Restoration Party founder, Inventor, Entrepreneur. James has two college age children, works two full time jobs, cares for the disabled and writes in his spare time. Donations are welcome.